Gay by chance or choice?

The time has come for ignorance about homosexuality to end. Popular media and evangelical caricatures that bless or slime gays can no longer suffice. There are genetic components in homosexual preference. There is a choice in being gay. Both are true, and people will be more grace-filled when they realize it. I recently overheard a […]

The World Trade Organization

Due to the choir of several self-appointed public consciences (to whom a "World" anything makes them stand on their heads) the WTO is the most misunderstood regulatory body today. According to their reading of the issues, the WTO has been cause for restricting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actions with endangered species, and a host of […]

The World Trade Organization

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Why I hate your car sticker

I’ve always wondered about people who identify with slogans, especially dumb ones. My roommate Andrew and I were wondering out loud about people who buy "funny" bumper stickers, and then proceed to actually stick them on their cars. Do they expect people to read them and then think, "Hey, I have no idea what that […]

A residence hall tour

I commute to school, so what do I know about the dorms? I’ll tell you: the dorms nicely place their residents into useful stereotypes. SPU should hire me to give tours for Premiere. As an impartial observer, owing allegiance to no single dorm, I could be trusted on every word. Pretend the following is an […]