Mission Statement

The Falcon is Seattle Pacific University’s independent student-run newspaper. Our goal is to provide a public forum where diverse narratives can be heard. We also commit to honest, accurate, in-depth reporting that fosters discussion of events, opinions, and personalities on campus.


We value feedback. To submit a formal opinion, we will accept Guest Commentary (800 words max) and Letters to the Editor (300 words max) to be lightly edited according to Associated Press Style and published in the Opinion section. Submissions can be sent to the Editor-in-Chief at dillinghambc@spu.edu. Readers may also comment on articles online, pending editor approval in consideration of The Falcon’s comment policy.


The Falcon is produced by students at Seattle Pacific University. Students of all majors and interests are invited to join. Class credit is available. The Falcon accepts new staff writers and photographers every quarter, and hires paid editors annually.


The Falcon is published by the Seattle Pacific University Board of Student Media and funded in part by the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific. The newspaper is printed by Pacific Publishing Company. Its faculty adviser is Dr. Rick Jackson.

Meet the Editors (and contact us!)

Editor-in-Chief: Croix Boston | dillinghambc@spu.edu

Croix Boston is a senior English Literature major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Economics. Boston is from San Bernardino, California, the birthplace of McDonald’s. He enjoys tea in the afternoon and writing poetry, and he occasionally dabbles in photography. Boston joined The Falcon his first year as an opinions staff writer. Since then, Boston has served as the Multimedia Media Editor, one of the Layout Editors,  and Opinions Editor. He also wrote various articles along the way on the topics of race, art and campus endeavors.

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Falcon Newspaper, Boston aims to allow a platform for all people to share their voices, provide a space for each and every person to feel comfortable, allow opportunities to connect with the SeattlePacific community,and to advocate for others.


News Editor: Kim See | seek@spu.edu

Kimberly See is a senior pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. See has Filipino roots but has lived in the Seattle area most of her life. As a little girl, she fell in love with the world of Harry Potter and has not stopped going on new adventures since. She is an avid day dreamer and a self-proclaimed nerd at heart. Laughing is her hobby, and her dream is to not only see the world, but to create worlds of her own through her writing. See tells people she goes to school to write, to tell stories. She started out as a staff reporter for the news section her junior year and has moved up to become News Editor. Her goal as News Editor is to capture and share the human experience and to start conversations.

Assistant News Editor: Anya Annear | anneara@spu.edu

Anya Annear is a senior pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Russian Language. Originally from Dallas, Oregon, not to be confused with Dallas, Texas; Dallas, Oregon is a charming little town. Annear began writing for The Falcon her first year at SPU. This student–led newspaper unveiled storytelling and writing in a light that has showed her many perspectives. Annear is excited to continuing growing the ageless skill of writing stories and information for all to read. After graduation, she will strive to learn the needs of developing nations and bring the faces and stories of those who are engaging their nation to change the world.

Outside of The Falcon newspaper Annear can be found learning Russian, hiking/running the great outdoors, and having breakfast for dinner, because we all need more of the best meal in our lives.


Features Editor: Lauren Giese | giesel@spu.edu

Born and raised in the Seattle area, sophomore Lauren Giese is proud to call SPU home. Her work with the Falcon began as a freshman, but she served as the editor of her high school’s newspaper and yearbook for two years. As a Communications major, Giese is passionate about bringing stories to life and capturing meaningful events both on and off campus. She hopes to share stories that will challenge, excite, and inspire readers, and guide her staff members to do the same. In addition to working for The Falcon, Giese is involved in many other areas of the SPU community, including intramural teams, Residence Life Hall Council, and writing stories for the Athletics Department.

 Opinions Editor: Saya Meza | mezak@spu.edu

Saya Meza is a junior pursuing a double-major in Psychology and Political Science. Although her family currently resides in Edmonds, Washington, she has grown up in several other states as well, including New York and California. She has written in both the features and opinions section of The Falcon in the past. Although this is only her second year in The Falcon, Meza has always had a passion for writing. She has spent much of her free time working on poetry and creative stories for as long as she can remember. She is excited to be serving as this year’s Opinions Editor and hopes to offer a place where different perspectives can be expressed and heard. She gladly welcomes responses and submissions for the section throughout the year.


Photo Editor: Christopher Hendrickson | hendricksonc@spu.edu

Christopher Hendrickson is a junior studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, along with a minor in Journalism. Hendrickson grew up in South Seattle near Tukwila and Renton. Some of his hobbies include skiing, hiking, and bouldering. Hendrickson joined The Falcon his freshman year as a photographer, and has contributed several opinion articles during his time on staff. As Photography Editor, his hope is that events and issues on campus are portrayed in an interesting and inclusive way.

 Copy Editor: Breton Vander Zouwen | vanderzouweb @spu.edu

Breton Vander Zouwen is a senior pursuing a degree in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. Vander Zouwen grew up in the country near Bellingham, Washington, and attributes his love of wide open spaces to this upbringing. He enjoys having his first coffee of the day at seven at night, followed by cursing this habit as he wakes up late for class the following morning. He’d like to claim that this caffeination schedule increases his ability to complete homework at night, but freely admits that the extra energy is instead directed towards his hobby in playing and designing roleplaying games. Vander Zouwen joined the Falcon because he spent too much time editing papers and diagramming sentences for fun anyways, so he decided he might as well transfer his interest in grammar to a more productive setting. As Copy Editor he hopes to make The Falcon as readable and clear as possible, avoiding major errors so as to stay unnoticed in the background.

Layout Editor: Jessica Hancock | hancockj2@spu.edu

Jessica Hancock is a senior pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. Born and raised in Seattle, she has a strong love for her home town. Jessica believes the only thing Seattle needs in order to be perfect is a Shake Shack restaurant, which will be coming in 2018. Jessica began writing for The Falcon her sophomore year as a features writer, but went on to intern for Movin’ 92.5’s Brooke and Jubal in the Morning while working full time with Flagship Nordstrom. She is returning to The Falcon as a Layout Editor in hopes of creating an attention grabbing paper that compliments each writer and editor on the team.


Layout Editor: Seth Campos |camposs@spu.edu

Seth Campos is a senior from Redmond, Washington. He is majoring in Visual Communications with a minor in Business Administration. Campos is drawn to The Falcon for the opportunity to work in and with print media, which is a field he has grown more interested in over the past couple of years. His goal is to present information accessibly and effectively, and to not be a total snob about typography. Campos’s other interests include illustration, rock climbing, pretending he’s good with spicy food, and laughing at jokes that aren’t nearly as good as he thinks they are.

Multimedia Editor: Mia Warstler | warstlerm @spu.edu

Mia is a junior currently studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Growing up isolated in the small town of Syracuse, Indiana, she loved reading articles featuring events that took place around the world. She found that social media allowed her to connect with the world beyond her hometown, and she developed an interest for reading and writing. She has traveled to 6 different countries and more than twenty-five states in the US. Aside from traveling, her other interests include photography, blogging, cooking, and reading. She enjoys visiting local cafes and shops in Seattle.

Last year, Warstler wrote for the news section of The Falcon, and her experience allowed her to form valuable relationships and skills. This year, she hopes that serving as the Multimedia Editor will further The Falcon’s mission and will positively impact the community of SPU.

 Business Manager: Daniel Fetveit |fetveitd@spu.edu

Daniel Fetveit is a sophomore attempting to get a degree in Business Administration. Before coming to SPU, Daniel lived in the uncharted territories of Montana and somehow ended up in Seattle. He likes it over here though, and will likely be around for a while. He also likes business-related things, which is why he ended up as The Falcon’s business manager, where he hopes to reel in some ads to help fund The Falcon, as well as fund himself and his  ever-increasing student loans. It’s gonna be a fun year.


Faculty Adviser: Dr. Rick Jackson | rjackson@spu.edu




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