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Mission Statement

The Falcon is a student-run newspaper that strives to pursue the truth through honest and ethical means. We are an inquisitive community at Seattle Pacific University that encourages open discussion and personal reflection.


Get in touch with The Falcon’s editors, business manager or faculty adviser at the Contact page.


Guest Commentary and Letters to the Editor are published weekly in the Opinion section. Readers may comment on articles online, pending editor approval in consideration of The Falcon’s comment policy.

Join Us

The Falcon is produced by students at Seattle Pacific University. Students of all majors and interests are invited to join. Class credit is available. The Falcon accepts new staff writers and photographers every quarter, and hires paid editors annually.


The Falcon is published by the Seattle Pacific University Board of Student Media and funded in part by the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific. The newspaper is printed by Pacific Publishing Company. Its faculty adviser is Dr. Rick Jackson.