Daily World News Brief: SCOTUS’s emissions plan block may set back climate goals

The Supreme Court has blocked President Barack Obama’s efforts to regulate coal emissions, and The New York Times reports that this may impair the international agreement made about global warming in December 2015. Though the Supreme Court has not decided yet whether to permanently overturn the regulations, this decision has been seen by other countries […]

Daily World News Brief: Solid wins for both parties in New Hampshire

Unlike the Iowa caucuses, the results of the New Hampshire primaries were anything but close, according to The New York Times. Donald Trump earned the majority of his party, coming in at 35.1 percent of the Republican vote; the next closest Republican candidate was John Kasich who earned 15.9 percent and his second place victory […]


SPU senior promotes social justice

Afonso adapts to shifts, seeks civil change

  Senior Bruna Afonso is confident in her ability to adapt quickly. A trip to Osaka, Japan in the spring of her junior year however, proved to be challenging. “Dealing with the culture shock and the completely different pace of life and society was an absolutely sobering experience,” Afonso says. She has always held great […]


Sleep deprivation is point of pain, not pride

Late nights hold no benefits for health or academic performance

Since middle school, I’ve been hearing people nonchalantly refer to their terrible sleeping habits as a point of pride. As if by forgoing sleep, they’re proving how difficult their lives are, and by association, how physically and mentally attuned they are to survive despite it. But really, this is like bragging about how many cigarettes […]

Zapatistas are model for revolution

Rebels of flexibility and tenacity

“We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution.” These are the words of the Zapatistas, also known as the EZLN, a leftist group that rejects global capitalism and political corruption in Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas. And what a revolution it has been. While recent history has witnessed numerous uprisings roar up […]