Post-Apocalyptic holiday dinner

Cultural Commentary

The end of the world is inevitable. Humanity as we know will eventually be no more. But that doesn’t mean skipping out on holiday feasts! Honestly, this whole impending apocalypse thing shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. For over 50 years, the entertainment industry have been obsessed with the concept. Whether it’s the “The […]

Live student performance event furthers community

Emerson Coffee House empowers performers, audience alike

Despite the lack of coffee, there were plenty of snacks and raw talent to go around at Emerson Coffee House. After several hours of practice, various student performers presented their musical and literary art to an eager crowd of hundreds on Nov. 21. Planning the event was a visionary experience for the members of Emerson […]



SPU lasts until NCAA second round

There were mixed emotions as Seattle Pacific University’s women’s soccer team watched the National Collegiate Athletics Association reveal the teams that would make the Division-II soccer tournament. “It was crazy,” sophomore defender Maddie Sjothun said. “There were some [of us] that were really confident and some that weren’t. It was the longest 30 seconds of […]