ORP receives approval for event

ORP partners with Peak 7 to support, fund underprivileged youth

Senate passed The Outdoor Recreational Program (ORP) proposal that will be happening May 5 to May 6.

ORP will be partnering with Peak 7 for their outdoor climbing event this coming spring term.

Senior Evan Price, the ORP coordinator, presented the proposal, stating, “In the end we have been given the deal of a lifetime.”

“This trip would normally cost 160 dollars per person if we were to go through any other organization,” he continued, “but the organization that we are going with has given us a 50 percent discount to sell tickets to us for 80 dollars.

We have made a decision at ORP to sell tickets to students for 40 dollars.

In the end we are only selling theses tickets for one-fourth their cost.”

$1,280 have already been paid in deposit; this decreases to the proposed amount to $1,024. Once the event is sold out ORP will repay Senate.

Price explained, “We are proposing 16 students to go on this climbing trip. This will be a two-day overnight event in Vantage, WA. We get a lot of different climbers, some who are expert climbers and others who have not climbed a wall in their life. This is a wonderful safe space for someone to experience the outdoors.”

This event will not only benefits SPU students, but also underprivileged kids.

ORP partnership with Peak 7 will also fund Peak 7’s trips for these underprivileged kids.

In Other Business:

1) ASSP President Mary Liu announced that the Senior Gift Committee is accepting applications. All seniors are welcome.

2) Liu announced that State of the Association will be this Thursday, Feb. 8 from 6-8 p.m. in Demaray 150.
This meeting will provide students an opportunity to ask questions about ASSP core positions and the upper administration.
“SOTA is a great opportunity to get a feel for what we are doing as student body government, especially this quarter.
It gives a better understanding for what we are doing in our roles.
It is not mandatory for anyone who is running for officer core, but it would be very helpful as they are considering that,” ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier explained.
“We planned it on the Thursday before the Monday that the applications are due.
So it would still give everyone a full weekend to complete the application.”

3) Meier announced that the election application are open. The Orgsync portal will stay open until Feb. 12.

4) ASSP Vice President of International Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced that the Multicultural Night of Worship will be Feb. 28, in Upper Gwinn.
“You should all come! I’ll be doing an ASL dance,” Del Rio said.

5) Del Rio announced that the Intercultural Retreat registration is open from Feb. 5 until Feb. 16 at the Unicom desk. The retreat will be on March 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the El Centro De La Raza. “The theme will be ‘Re-imagining neighbors and sacred spaces,’’ Del Rio explained.

6) ASSP Vice President of Finance Spencer O’Hara announced that the General Fund is at $4,627.64, which includes money left over from fall quarter.

7) O’Hara announced that the Allocation Board will be discussing student leaders’ compensation and the importance of them.

8) ASSP Vice President of Ministry Kathryn Baumheckel announced that the all-campus prayer walk will be Thursday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Just ordering supplies for that, we are getting excited and praying about it as well. Hopefully we will have a good turn out. Staff is invited, students are invited. If someone is walking their dogs through campus they’re invited,” Baumheckel said.

9) Emerson Hall Senator Kaitlyn Payton announced that Emerson Coffee House will be happening this Saturday, Feb. 10, in the Emerson Lobby. It will be an open mic night and will be available to any SPU student to participate. “You are welcome to invite anyone you know, or you can just walk up and preform. If you know anyone who would be good for it just invite them to come over,” Payton explained.

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