Gymnastics takes a tumble

Taking on a three game road trip

The gymnastics team took to the road in hopes of exceeding the results of their last road trip, which riddled with falls. On Friday, Feb. 2, Seattle Pacific University traveled to Davis California to compete against Stanford University, San Jose State and University of California Davis. The tempo was set by a Falcons star sophomore […]

Falcons fall short

Seven game win streak was snapped after two losses

This week, the Falcons winning satreak was broken, losing both of their games against Central Washington (13-8, 9-4) and Northwest Nazarene (16-3, 12-2) respectively. On Thursday, Feb. 1, the women’s team played the Central Washington Wildcats at Nicholas Pavilion in Ellensburg. During the first quarter, the teams were neck and neck, scoring 15 points each. […]

Women in leadership positions

Confronting barriers in church, ministry

The opening sentence of SPU’s Statement of Faith is as follows: “At Seattle Pacific University, we seek to ground everything we do on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a claim is both personal, a commitment by each member of our community, and institutional, a corporate aspiration that has guided this institution from its […]

Contending for one’s singleness

Finding capacity for compassion toward others as we grow in attentiveness, kindness toward ourselves

A friend and I were at the MLK Day march a few weeks ago, and as we walked, our conversation flowed from one topic to another. I can’t retrace the route that led us there, but we landed for a time on car insurance rates. Her uncle is an insurance agent, and he recently made […]

Paying tribute to mother figures

Calling for social reconstruction through changing our dialogue

I am all too familiar with the phrase “father figure,” but I’ve never heard “mother figure” used in the same context. In the past, I’ve found myself using this language when I speak of my own experiences. Given that the most positive, influential people in my life have always been women, I believe this kind […]

Championing feminism

By: Kassidy Crown and Alexandra Moore In this time when we are engaged in a fierce battle for women’s rights, we feel it is necessary to acknowledge the past progression of these rights and to honor those women who have set the foundation, through devoted activism, for where we are today. There are many women’s […]

ORP receives approval for event

ORP partners with Peak 7 to support, fund underprivileged youth

Senate passed The Outdoor Recreational Program (ORP) proposal that will be happening May 5 to May 6. ORP will be partnering with Peak 7 for their outdoor climbing event this coming spring term. Senior Evan Price, the ORP coordinator, presented the proposal, stating, “In the end we have been given the deal of a lifetime.” […]