Work presents visual challenges, rewards

“Finger painting” reveals complexities

“The digital drawings represent my take on tension between order and disorder, between predictability and spontaneity,” said Joseph Pentheroudakis in his artist statement at the Shift Gallery.

“Digital with digital media has allowed me to engage extensively with that tension, using a varied vocabulary of lines and shapes, colors and value, and an array of different marks,” Pentheroudakis continued.

Though the art and its titles may have been a little far-fetched— meaning there was not always a direct connection to what the artist believed the work said and how viewers may interpret the artwork— the works themselves act as a visual, yet rewarding challenge.

In his exhibit titled “Finger Painting,” artist Joseph Pentheroudakis presents a gallery of digital drawings that are non-representational interpretations on subjects ranging from emotions to actions to objects and places.

Pentheroudakis used a diverse range of colors, however, the individual pieces never seemed to clash with each other.

The same goes for his use of shape and line. Some pieces displayed geometric shapes and others utilized mostly organic shapes, but his art that utilized both geometric and organic united all of the works.

The drawings themselves had many layers that interacted with a lot of different shapes, lines, and colors.

Pentheroudakis economized many of the shapes and lines, which then allowed a marrying of the very flat color pallet to the abstractified concepts he was demonstrating.

This simplistic, almost childlike, style that ran throughout the pieces is what really allowed unity throughout the exhibit, as well as explaining why the exhibit was titled “Finger Painting”.

Though his works were generally about subjects a child would not understand, the name of the exhibit was well-suited for Pentheroudakis’ art style. His pieces embodied how a preschooler may draw, thus explaining the connection between the title and the work itself.

Though the presentation and designed did not reveal an effortlessly followed train of thought to the viewer, it prompted the viewer to pay closer attention to the details of the works.

The art was not a direct interpretation that the subjects of the pieces may suggest them to be, more accurately however, they became a greater abstractification of the concepts Pentheroudakis was interpreting.

Joseph Pentheroudakis’ statement: “Each drawing begins with life with the near-infinite possibilities, which are gradually winnowed by the emerging image” is a perfect representation of what kind of experience a viewer might get from attending this gallery.

The pieces from Pentheroudakis’ exhibit could be understood in a variety of different ways because of the nature of his economized and childlike style of drawing. Nonetheless, they present a stimulating visual experience, with a balance of spontaneous and predictable works and a variety of colors.

The show will be open to the public Fridays and Saturdays through January 27th from noon to 5PM.

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