Editorial Comment

Hollywood sets example at Golden Globes

The Golden Globes took place this past week, and a theme for the ceremony quickly became clear. Throughout the whole event, celebrities were openly referencing and calling out the recent stream of sexual assault accusations in Hollywood. The red carpet was flooded with black attire, as many attendees decided to stage a blackout in support […]

Threats of micro-processing chip

Lack of security found in most technology concerning

With the new year just beginning, the computer security industry is already facing two massive threats. Both are critical design flaws in a micro-processing chip design — the “brain” of an electronic device — which allow attackers to access information that is being processed on the computer. The first one, dubbed “Meltdown,” is a design […]

Combating winter quarter blues

Living with kindness to fight against negative moods during gloomy season

As a freshman, there is great triumph that accompanies this new academic quarter — specifically, the feat of surviving the previous one. I am beginning to learn, however, that embarking upon my first second-term requires experiencing the hallmark blues of the season: the winter quarter slump. As we return to campus, finely fattened from the […]

New tax on soda aimed to encourage health

Seattle passes law that some see as regressive, counter-intuative towards its goals

On New Year’s Day, a new tax went into effect throughout the city of Seattle. The new measure, dubbed the “soda tax,” increased the price of soda and other “sugary drinks,” such as Gatorade, bought within city limits by 1.75 cents per ounce. The tax was passed in June with the intention of discouraging people […]