Catalyst requests funding for SCORR conference

Monday, Nov. 27 Senates last meeting of the quarter held a celebration and a debate

Croix Boston| The Falcon                               Senate members debate the transportation proposal from Catalyst requesting funding for the SCORR conference.

Auriana Robin the Catalyst Coordinator came to Senate to request $1,707.80 for the Student of Congress of Racial Reconciliation conference (SCORR). This conference will be at Biola University from Thursday, Feb. 15 through Sunday, Feb. 18. It’s purpose is to create a space to discuss racial reconciliation, and racism.  


“With so many issues and tensions related to racism across our country, this conference is seeking to give voice to our call to justice and righteousness in our nation and in our institutions,” said Robin.


After extensive debate, senate amended Catalyst’s Budget for SCORR. The conference proposal was reduced from $1,707.80 to $600. Catalyst already has a budget of $7,150 for the SCORR conference, which will cover their aire fare cost. The proposal for Senate will cover the registration fee, and the transportation fee, with a total of $1,707.80.  


During the debate, Kathryn Baumheckel the ASSP Vice President of Ministries initiated the the motion to reduce the cost of the proposal.


“My reason to amend this proposal is to hopefully have Catalyst look into cheaper flight prices because taking the money out of the General Fund will be ⅔ of the amount of General Fund for the year. It’s more financially smart to be good stewards of that to reduce that cost,” said Baumheckel.  


That is not to say Catalyst takes the applicants lightly for the conference. It is very selective.


In order to apply for the conference, a student needs to be referred. This decreases the amount of students that can apply, which is why the applications are carefully reviewed. With their current budget they can only afford to bring six students, with this new budget proposal they are requesting they will be able to bring 10 students.  


Robin thankfully accepted for the decision that senate made to support the Catalyst proposal for $600.


“I will take that $600 and report back to our advisor and see what we can rework and try to do some last minute research. We will try to take advantage of any last minute resources we can use. Even if it’s just one more student that we can bring with us, we will try to make it work,” Robin said.


ASSP Vice President of Finance Akshy Palanisamy announced that he will step-down from the Vice President of Finance position. Senate is looking to get the position filled.


Payment will be 5,660.66 for the reminder for the school year. The Vice President of Finance applications will be open from Nov. 21 till Nov. 27.  Palanisamy will provide training for the new member.

“This decision was not made because of the job itself, but because of my own time constraints,” said Palanisamy.  “If you are interested learning how student administration works and you have a vision for the school, then you should be in my position.”

“Within my position, you really get to see all the way to the top. Student budget committee actually gets a ‘say’ in how much a wellness fee a part of the tuition is,” Palanisamy added.


In other business:


ASSP President Mary Liu announced that this Sunday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 in Demaray 150 State of The Association (SOTA) will be happening, not Nov. 30 to honor Tristan Kern’s memorial service.

ASSP Core team wants to be transparent with the student body by providing an opportunity for students to submit questions through the SOTA orgsync website.


ASSP Vice President Danielle Meier announced that Friday, Dec. 1 Board of Student Media will be meeting to look over budgets and to amenda the BSM guidelines, but still making sure that they match with the Bylines in the Robert’s Rules of constitution.


ASSP Vice President of Finance Akshy Palanisamy announced that Nutcracker tickets will be sold starting, Nov. 28 at 11:00 a.m. at the Uni-Com desk. Each ticket will be sold for $20 per ticket.


Palanisamy announced that the general fund stands at 6,780.83 for the year. The Conference Fund stands at 4,456.76 and The Club Programming Fund stand at 15, 345.48 for the year.


ASSP Vice President of Ministry Kathryn Baumheckel announced for the Ministry Retreat they are in need of a new worship leaders, food and board will be provided for the next worship leaders.  

ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier announced that Ryan Richardson will be the senator for the School of Psychology, Family, and Community Senator for the academic year of 2017-2018. The Senate positions that are still open are the School of Theology, Campus Housing and Apartments with two seats, the School of Health Sciences, and Arnett Hall.


School of Psychology Senator Ryan Richardson announced that he will be partnering with NAMI club on campus to create a panel of professors and counselors around the stigma of mental illness.


ASSP Vice President of Intercultural Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced that the Intercultural Retreat has been rescheduled for Mar. 3 of winter quarter.

ASSP Vice President of Camp Activities Garrett Berkey announced that The People of Promise award sign-up sheet will be an open pool on orgsync to put in people’s names.

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