Students share stories

Blog proves vulnerable, honest

Assistant Professor of Psychology Brittany Tausen began the Fifty Shades of Maroon blog in the fall quarter of 2016. The website provides an opportunity for students to share their stories and read about their peers at SPU. This blog features short profiles about individual students at SPU, accompanied by two photos each. In these two […]

Kicking off the holidays

Macy’s Parade makes its way though Seattle

The sounding of drums boomed as high school marching bands from all across Washington made their way through the heart of Downtown Seattle, kicking off the annual Macy’s Holiday Parade. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” shouted a young girl from the crowd, expressing her holiday cheer as the parade started. Masses of […]

Coco captures culture

Newly released movie celebrates traditions

When a predominantly white industry decides to highlight an event rich with cultural nuance from Mexico, like that of Día de los Muertos, it can be difficult to do so accurately. “Coco,” a movie whose theme revolves around the familial bonds that are the foundation of much of this culture, has been the main focus […]