Catalyst requests funding for SCORR conference

Monday, Nov. 27 Senates last meeting of the quarter held a celebration and a debate

Auriana Robin the Catalyst Coordinator came to Senate to request $1,707.80 for the Student of Congress of Racial Reconciliation conference (SCORR). This conference will be at Biola University from Thursday, Feb. 15 through Sunday, Feb. 18. It’s purpose is to create a space to discuss racial reconciliation, and racism.   “With so many issues and […]

SPU opponent loses by 20

20-point margin tips off the season with a 1-0 record

The SPU women’s basketball team won their home opener this past Wednesday against Biola University. The score in Royal Brougham Pavilion was 78-52 as the Falcons dominated the Eagles. The Falcons scored the first eight points of the game, and Biola was never able to get back within reach again. “We came out strong in […]

Athletes compete for grades

SPU ties for second place for academic success rate

Seattle Pacific University was recognized as one of 32 Division II schools around the nation to achieve a four-year Academic Success Rate (ASR) of 90 percent or higher. The NCAA honored all schools involved with a Presidents’ Award for Academic Excellence last week on Nov. 16 in Indianapolis. With an ASR of 97 percent, SPU […]

Women leading in church

Scripture supports women leading services, church

All authors: TJ Chu, Paige Lovell, Conner Gardner One of the biggest controversies of our day is the conversation about women acting in church leadership and as ordained ministers. In many traditions across Christianity, women are barred from leadership and cannot be anything in the church other than a financial assistant, or a children’s pastor […]

Embracing many cultures

International students face stigma

Over this past quarter, one question continues to gnaw at me: if SPU asks us to “engage in the culture and change the world,” what cultures are we fully engaging in other than the Christian community? It wasn’t until this year, after having the pleasure of living with two amazing girls from two different Asian […]

Regulating the internet

Enforcement of net neutrality to face vote from Federal Communication Commission

On Dec. 14, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote to end the enforcement of regulations on internet service providers to supply equal access to the web for all paying customers. These regulations, dubbed “net neutrality” during its Obama-era conception, ensure that internet service providers (ISP’s), such as Comcast and CenturyLink, supply full access to […]