The first motion passes

Seattle Pacific to be represented at the Sounders game

As the first order of business, ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey presented the Sounder Tickets Proposal to buy 100 Sounders game tickets for the October 15th college night game. At this game, SPU has been asked to be represented among other colleges.

The tickets would be sold for $20 each and would include a $10 voucher for food. It is strategic to buy the tickets this way because after the sale of all the tickets, only $15 dollars would then be required out of the general fund; the rest of the $20 ticket can be made back in sales, which would provide a $5 profit per ticket.

Berkey’s general finance proposal is for a total of $2,015. The tickets will be purchased with the general fund.

The goal is to have the money made in revenue to go back to the general fund. In the end the tickets will not be subsidized so that the general fund will not go into deficit.

Berkey’s proposal, the first proposal of the year, moved to a vote and the motion was passed.

Senate met for the first time this academic year this past Monday, Oct. 2, and the ASSP Core met with the senators for the first Senate meeting.

At the meeting, Senate passed a budget proposal, gathered a committee for Puerto Rico, and established goals for the year.

After the announcements from the ASSP core presidents, Senate moved to campus reports during which Whitney Broetje, the director of student involvement and leadership, announced herself as the faculty senate advisor.

Senate followed with a time for questions, referring to the goals they established during the leadership conference and why those goals were put into place.

Senate then recognized guest Andrea Diaz, second year political science major to speak on the crisis in Puerto Rico. Diaz presented the struggles Puerto Rico is going through and asked for a brainstorming session to find a way for SPU to support Puerto Rico.

Senate decided to form a committee interested in finding a way to support Puerto Rico through SPU, and that discussion concluded the first Senate meeting of the year.

In other business:

ASSP President Mary Liu announced that one-on-ones have begun between Liu and Broetje the Senate Faculty Advisor.

ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier announced that the ASSP office is de-escalating from conference and moving towards Fall-in-Service.

ASSP Vice President of Finance Akshy Palanisamy announced that club orientation went well with reimbursements from Involve-O-Rama being turned in.

ASSP Vice President of Ministries Kathryn Baumheckel announced that the first ASSP meeting with the ministry council had taken place. The three action words for the year include “listen,” “engage,” and “transform.”

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey announced that the Outdoor Recreation Program is doing a camping trip this weekend, which is already full.

ASSP Vice President of Intercultural Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced the upcoming events Catalyst will be presenting soon, and the Intercultural Retreat that is in progress.

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