Christianity on decline

Addressing Adam and Eve in light of modern scientific understanding, evolution

As a joke, Jennifer McKinney told people she did not care whether there was a historical Adam or Eve. As only two individuals, whether literal or figurative figures, Adam and Eve cannot show her social patterns. So, as a professor and co-chair of the Sociology Department, she has no interest in them. “It doesn’t matter […]

Z Publishing reaches out to Vigil

From reading stories to creating, writing her own

In her childhood, SPU third-year English student Brooke Vigil often felt as if she was “overshadowed” by the accomplishments of her siblings. She also felt disconnected from her peers. While the other kids showed interest in the latest toys and fads, Vigil showed interest in books. But Vigil always knew that she was “different.” She […]

Crime 10/25

Fire On Oct. 23, a fire was reported, the incident taking place in Gwinn Commons. Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Oct. 23, the OSS received a report of malicious mischief/vandalism in Ashton Hall. On Oct. 23, an incident was reported to have occurred at 608 W Emerson Apartments. Rape On Oct. 18, a case of off-campus rape […]

Gender ratio requires attention

Discussing the need for female hygiene dispensers

Peter Renn came to senate this week to greet the senators. As of September, Renn is now the faculty liaison for senate. He is completing his second year as an administrative faculty member this year and is currently the director of the center of professional education. As such, he highly encourages students to participate in […]

Confronting a cultural captivity

Navigating gospel through a changing context

In a society that is largely dictated by the differences amongst each other, dominant groups have determined that threats must be eliminated. This means that these threats cannot be allowed to be in positions of authority that enable them to influence anyone. The biggest threat in American society, according to the media and overarching narrative, […]

Coexisting with enemies

Practicing nonviolent protests amidst threats

Daoud Nassar and his family have been in an ongoing legal battle for 26 years. In October of 1991, the family learned that Israel was planning to confiscate their land. They learned of this by chance when a nearby village resident happened to pass them in the street and mention that he had seen the […]

Contrasts in expression

SAM exhibit exemplifies diverse art

Picture this: a dimly lit room filled with people and the pungent smell of wine, packed in by a low ceiling and walls filled with brightly colored paintings, moody landscapes and languid interpretations of nature. This scene describes the opening reception for the “Darks and Lights” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum on Oct. 19 […]