Lady Falcons sit at No. 2 in GNAC

Men’s soccer goes 6-2-1 after confrence win

The 6-3 Seattle Pacific University’s women’s soccer team scored themselves the second place seat in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference with their most recent win, 2-1, coming in overtime. The lady Falcons competed against the Western Oregon Wolves last Saturday away from home.

Most of the game the Falcons trailed after Western Oregon’s forward Amber Whitmore scored off of a block from Seattle Pacific’s goalkeeper Molly Stinson almost midway through the first half of play.

After the score both teams struggled to capitalize on any opportunities until very late in the game. The Falcon’s forward Kasey Reeve was able to notch a point off of a behind-the-back flick with only six minutes left in regulation.

“Each player brings a unique skill set to the table, and that allows us to solve a lot of problems, in different ways,” said Arby Busey, the head coach of the women’s soccer team.
“This group has become great problem solvers, our sport is so fluid that it becomes the responsibility of the players to make adjustments during games, and this team has really become good at figuring things out and coming up with solutions.”

The Falcons, thus far, have kept up a winning record while retaining the second place spot in their conference. In conference play the team is 4-1 with their only loss coming on Sept. 28 against the No. 3 Concordia Cavaliers. However, the Falcons have bested the No. 9, No. 7, No. 6 and No. 5 seeds in the GNAC.

“This team has been amazing together so far, they have a great synergy,” Busey said. “I think they all really enjoy playing together, and have a great deal of respect for each other.”
The team also holds an unbeaten record at home, 3-0.

“I think this group’s cohesiveness is its greatest asset,” he said. “This group really gets along well, and they have a deep sense of responsibility to each other. They are willing to work extremely hard to help each other achieve goals. We have had some difficult moments already this season, and we’ve gotten through those situations based upon our ability to work together collectively.”

With the team’s current position in the GNAC, they only need four more victories to secure a spot in the GNAC tournament.
“I think our goal is to qualify for the GNAC Tournament,” Busey said. “We will need to finish in the top four to achieve this, and from there we hope to earn the opportunity to extend our season into the NCAA Tournament.”

The Falcons next round of competition is Oct. 5 in Bellingham, Washington against the No. 1 seeded Western Washington Warriors at 5 p.m.

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