Color run unites campus

Explosion of vibrant hues covers campus

Luis Arellanes | The Falcon
After a thirty second countdown, students gathered to the center of Tiffany Loop to throw packets of color into the air, creating a vibrant scene.

On Friday morning, students walking to class may have noticed the sidewalks stained in color, and patches of blue, green, orange and purple on the grass.

Arrows sketched in chalk appeared at intervals, along with the occasional message of encouragement: “Keep it up!” The upper levels of Dravus parking lot were stained red, and behind Crawford a lone sweeper stirs up orange dust.

This vibrant display of colors around campus was the result of the third annual Hues of SPU Color Run. The event was held Thursday evening and began in Tiffany Loop at 5 p.m.

Luis Arellanes | The Falcon
After completing the run and color toss, students showed off their decorative faces with a selfie.

Since its start in the fall quarter of 2015, Seattle Pacific University’s annual Hues of SPU Run has provided students the opportunity for fellowship with one another while participating in an active event.

Each year, crowds of students, joined by a number of faculty and staff, flock to Tiffany Loop to participate in this two hour long run and celebration.

White t-shirts are distributed to the first 250 participants, encouraging students to arrive early. White and lighter colors provide the best backdrop of clothing for the shower of colors to be seen.

Strategically placed around campus were several “spray zones” managed by SPU athletic teams. The workers of these stations stood inside their tents with spray bottles filled with color.

This colorful twist on a traditional run made the effort worth it for many students.

First-year Liam Smith participated in the color run for the first time. “I loved just being able to run wildly through all the colors,” he said.

“It was so great just being able to run with your friends,” first-year student Hannah Carlisle said. Her friend Julia Battishill nodded in agreement. “And running through your favorite color,” she added.

Students straggled back into Tiffany Loop after two lapsaround campus—or one lap, as one student, who prefers to remain unnamed, admitted.

Winded but cheery, runners gathered to rehydrate at the water station before the post-run celebration.

After the last of the runners had arrived, as well as the workers from each of the color stations, a voice boomed, beginning a countdown for 30 seconds.

Eager students fidgeted to prepare their packets of color powder.

When the final seconds came to a finish, the loop erupted in an explosion of color as runners tossed their packets into the air. Red, green, purple, and orange mingled into a thick, vibrant cloud.

Julia Maddy | The Falcon
The beautiful explosion of color resulted in stained clothing, tinted grass, and lasting memories.

The colored powder was cornstarch based, ensuring that it would be safe in the event of any inadvertent consumption.

“You can taste the cornstarch,” one student commented while in the mix of the mess.

After the wild explosion of color, students flocked to the Otto Miller parking lot for pizza and pictures.

President Dan Martin was the center of attention. After completing the run, he posed for photos with eager students prepared for a selfie.

“The best part of the run was running into President Martin,” third year Monica Moeng said. “Like literally, I was running, and bumped into him,” she laughed.

Large fans were set up in the Otto Miller parking lot to help blow away color particles from clothing and hair. People also crowded around the brushes that were provided to wipe off arms and legs.

The lot also offered cheese and pepperoni pizza with bottled water and a white backdrop for photos.

Luis Arellanes | The Falcon
Although messy, students couldn’t help but capture the moment together.

Following the run, many went to support SPU’s women’s volleyball team as they played Northwest Nazarene in Royal Brougham Pavillion.

“Hues of SPU was a great experience,” Derek Riegel, a third-year student, said.

“Being able to run with my floor– the sense of community and bonding was awesome. Just running and not caring what people think.”

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