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White supremacy has no place here

Identity Evropa (IE), a college organization of young, white supremacists, recently put up recruiting posters around Seattle Pacific University.

SPU is not the first college where this group has appeared. According to IE’s website, their main target audience is young college students, and posters tend to show up near campuses.

IE has participated in several demonstrations nationwide, recently focusing on national monuments they deem under attack, like Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville.

An SPU spokesperson responded to the posters when asked by The Stranger, stating that white supremacy beliefs were “antithetical” to the Christian values that the university stands for.

This group is not the only white supremacist organization to reach out at SPU. The Ku Klux Klan recently sent a letter addressed to The Falcon, asking us to support their campaign against “The Slave Players,” a book they claim “was clearly written just to agitate.”

It goes beyond saying that The Falcon does not support any white supremacist organization.

These incidents do leave room for some concerning thoughts, though.

Why is it that groups like IE and the KKK have become more public with their recruiting tactics in recent years?

The usual response would be that President Trump’s administration has brought with it an age of extremism, giving a platform to hate.

However, the boldness demonstrated by these groups goes beyond one man’s campaign.

It is clear that we as a people have created an environment where racial superiority is not sufficiently challenged, leaving room for hate groups to join the conversation.

White supremacy groups have been covered by the media so often, some people have become numb to the concept. Seeing incidents involving hate time after time causes people to shrug it off as just another event, minimizing the impact that it has on communities.

The apathetic attitude that’s recently become present in our culture is part of the problem. By refusing to confront hate, it is allowed to exist and progress. When a hate group is met with silence, they take that as a sign to keep going. Lack of support is the same as a lack of opposition.

College administrations are not the only ones with a responsibility to their community, all must be ready speak up against silence and proactively oppose white supremacy.

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