Insufficient accessibility on campus

Disabled students at disadvantage due to SPU’s lack of enough accessible resources

College can be overwhelming. It presents a lot of unknowns and a lot of uncertainty. Between finding friends, balancing work and classes, and being involved in extracurricular activities, college presents the average student with many challenges. Now, imagine you are a college student with a disability, like me. Suddenly, you are not just faced with […]

Editorial Comment

Call terrorism by its name

The deadliest massacre in U.S. history took place this past Sunday, Oct. 1. This is the third time a mass shooting has been labeled as such in the past 10 years, and the second time in 16 months. 64-year-old white male Stephen Paddock opened fire at a late night country concert, proving fatal for 59 […]

Equity as a state of mind

Mayo discusses race, diversity, healing

Race and equity have always been personal interests for Sandra Mayo, but she never before desired obtaining a leadership role with these issues as the center of her work. This kind of work can be motivational, but it can also be deeply personal and emotionally draining, Mayo explained. But after a long journey of healing […]

Living out SPU’s mission

Displaced community returns to Seattle Pacific University

University Chaplain Bo Lim sent out an email on Friday, Sept. 29, announcing that Seattle Pacific University will be hosting Tent City Three for the third time. Lim believes that this is a tangible way to express the mission of SPU. “At SPU we do not view our hosting of TC3 as merely an act […]

The blessing of home

Photography conveys the majesty that is home

A fiery orange canvas was painted across the sky as a mixture of dust and ash floated in the air. Darkened palm leaves stood outside a nearby home reflected upon a pool of water. This alluring, yet destructive scene of a Californian wildfire was captured seemingly effortlessly by photographer Jeff Frost and whose work is […]

Falcons sit at No. 3 in GNAC

Men’s soccer goes 6-2-1 after confrence win

The Seattle Pacific University’s men’s soccer team leads the Great Northwestern Athletic Conference in overall wins, 6-2-1. The Falcons started the season guns blazing; after a close one point loss to the Chino State Wildcats, the team put together a four game win streak, immediatwwely claiming the best overall record in the GNAC. “Our biggest […]

Analyzing sexual misconduct policies at SPU: a case study

Written support from OSS is not enough, Edlund says

Becky Edlund, a former student of Seattle Pacific University, stated during an interview with The Falcon, “As someone who attended SPU for two years and plans to get my degree from there – The fact that I didn’t know that [sex discrimination policies] were getting changed every year is kind of alarming.” Edlund pointed out […]