The style advice seniors wish they had known as first-years

Eight apparel design, merchandising students share tips on how to achieve great campus style

As the school year winds down and the class of 2017 prepares for graduation, it’s time we take a moment to appreciate the hard-working seniors of the Apparel Design and Merchandising program. Over the past four years, these students have certainly learned a thing or two about what it takes to have killer SPU style.

SPU Styled asked eight of SPU’s own Apparel Merchandising and Design seniors for one piece of style advice they wish they had known as a first-year. Read their wise words below and then share your own!

“The biggest style code I live by is that the perfect accessory can make an outfit, so don’t be afraid to accessorize!” — Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is talking on stage with a black sleeveless shirt with black pants and shoes behind a microphone.

Kayley Driggers | The Falcon
MODE President Stephanie Taylor speaks at the SPU MODE Fashion Group’s annual Spring Fashion Show on Saturday, May 13.

“Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Once they’re gone you’ll never get them back. Eyebrows frame your face. Bad eyebrows say a lot about a person.” — Olga Ostash

“Wearing layers is key. Don’t come to Seattle thinking the weather will be consistent. Dressing for the elements will push your style further.” — Kellen Thomas

“As a person who is always cold 24/7, the most valuable style advice I can give SPU students is to dress in layers and for the weather. And when I say ‘the weather’ it includes the weather outside but also the extreme temperatures inside. I’m talking about the air conditioning still blasting in the middle of December in most classrooms. Can we get that fixed for future students please? Wear a jacket under your raincoat, and a camisole under your shirt or sweater to add heat to your body. If you get too hot throughout the day you can remove a layer and voila! Your outfit should be SPU weatherproof. Also, don’t wear suede shoes on a rainy day. Just don’t. You will ruin them and be sad.” — Liz Walsh

“Less is more! Especially with makeup, be wary of how much you are putting on. When it comes to clothes don’t over accessorize. Now that I am a senior I have realized that it doesn’t matter too much what you wear. If you like it wear it!” — Angelia Deccio

“You should never be afraid to change your style. Even as we go through different trends, we can still stay true to ourselves. Before I had more girly and athletic style but now I found a love for streetwear, just by doing a project on it. I changed my style, but I didn’t change my life.” — Adrienne Achenbach

“Find an outfit that you know looks good to be your go to! Nothing wastes more time in the morning than staring at your closet wondering what to wear. Telling your professor you are late because of an outfit crisis doesn’t go over well. My go to is black leggings, a white tee and my favorite denim jacket.” — Holly Dominguez

“I’m a firm believer in a ‘third piece’ when it comes to completing an outfit — whether it be an accessory, layering item or a great piece of outerwear. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with patterns and wear color. It’s nice to see some color walking around campus.” — Vivian Lee

“College is a time to be unique and have your own voice. Don’t follow trends for the sake of following trends or trying to fit in. Wear what you genuinely like and what you feel good in. Dress to please yourself and no one else. That’s the fun of fashion!” — Brynn Williams

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