Pedaling to dubstep under bright lights

New boutique fitness studio, City Cycle, opens in Greenwood

When the beat of the song drops, neon flashing lights come on, and everyone pedals as fast as they can.

Rhythmic cycling and bright lights create a dance-party-like atmosphere in Greenwood’s newest boutique fitness studio, City Cycle.

City Cycle motivates their riders through high-energy spin classes, encompassing choreography, dubstep versions of pop songs and a light show.

“The lights and the music set the vibe for our rides the second you walk in the door,” said Lauren Perry, owner of the fitness studio. “You start to forget you are working out and start to feel like you are dancing with 32 of your friends.”

Even though it opened just this month, City Cycle has already gained a following — and for a good reason.

“Fitness can be a very intimidating environment,” Perry said. “When I had the idea to create City Cycle, I wanted it to be a place that someone from any fitness level could come and have fun. City Cycle has become just that, a place where you can come have fun with friends and improve your mind, body and soul.”

On each bike of the 32 bikes in the room, there is a knob that changes the resistance level so that everyone can adjust it to their own comfort level.

Three women stretch their arms as they sit on indoor stationary bikes. One woman is wearing a green shirt, one is wearing white, and one is wearing a neon green shirt.

Courtesy of City Cycle
City Cycle is not another fitness franchise, rather a locally owned company.

The studio has dim, blue lighting that helps eliminate an element of insecurity for inexperienced participants.

It is easy to be initially intimidated by the thought of a cycling class, but the staff immediately puts guests at ease, and the motivating environment makes participants feel welcome no matter their skill set.

“We don’t schedule classes back to back or smash 60 bikes in the cycling room on purpose,” Perry said. “We want to take the time to talk to everyone, have room for people to hang out in between class and to really get to know our clients.”

According to Perry, City Cycle is different from other Seattle fitness studios because they are locally owned; they are not a franchise.

Perry, a Washington State University graduate, originally from Alaska, said “I truly love this city and the people that live here.”

In one signature 45-minute ride on May 24, the City Ride instructor introduced the class by saying, “We’re gonna have fun, get sweat, and kick
some ass on this Wednesday.”

After the instructor’s introductions, all of the riders clicked their complimentary bike shoes into the pedals so as not to fall off, and began peddling to the beat of an electronic version of “Paris” by The Chainsmokers.

Instructor and Studio Manager Cheney Blanco says she builds her playlist so that each song builds up to a moment of “all-out excitement and breathlessness.”

“If it makes me dance, it ends up on my playlist,” Blanco said. “My go-to style of music is a mix of dance [or] electronic and catchy remixes of pop music with unique bass drops.”

The inspiration behind City Cycle stemmed from Perry’s love for the way cycling made her feel.

“Everyone lives such busy lives these days, exercise becomes a chore,” she said. “Through cycling, exercise changed from something I dreaded to something I looked forward to.”

Perry, Blanco and the other instructors at City Cycle are passionate about making exercise fun for the studio’s riders. And for those who want to give City Cycle a try, the first class is free, and with valid student ID, rides are only $20 instead of $25.

“There is something special about a group of people moving as one to the music and getting stronger together,” Perry said.

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