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Vital to vote for Seattle Mayor

The phrase “every vote counts” has a strong application in this upcoming Mayoral election.

The race for Seattle Mayor has drawn in 21 candidates total. Only two of these candidates will continue to the general elections come August.

During the 2013 primary elections, only 35 percent of registered voters casted a ballot, and nine candidates competed for the position.

If the same people are expected to vote this year, those same votes will be divided among 21 candidates.

This means a candidate would need 12,000 less votes in order to take a lead over another and proceed to the general elections.

Since the deadline for withdrawing from the race was May 22, it is safe to assume that the majority, if not all, of these candidates will be on the ballot when primary elections roll around.

Your vote matters even more in this election; therefore, an educated and informed choice is vital. Aim to be informed and know who the candidates are and what they stand for before voting.

All but six of these candidates have already set up their campaign websites, and their information is readily available on the King county website — or to the right of this column.

The candidate list includes entrepreneurs, attorneys, activists, scientists, and politicians among others. Each offers a platform that focuses on different issues they have deemed important for Seattle.

Candidate Alex Tsimerman refuses to accept donations to his campaign.

Candidate Mary Martin chose The Militant.com, an international socialist newsweekly, as her website for reference. Jessyn Farrell, another candidate, has served in the House of Representatives since 2012.

The current political climate has created an outburst of voices and opinions. In order to make a difference, people need to follow up with action.

Choose someone who you agree with completely, someone you are familiar with, someone who cares about your neighborhood, or just someone who you feel is qualified enough. Chances are, you agree with at least one of the candidates.

The important part is that people go out and make a choice.

Not everyone is fit to hold a political position, but voting is a simple way to partake in the conversation. Be informed and make sure that those going into office are qualified to do so. This election, especially, requires people to make an educated decision and should not be left up to a few.

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