Fight for net neutrality not over yet

FCC chairman Ajit Pai wrong about Open Internet Order and Title II

Everyone needs to just hold their horses for a second. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not vote last Thursday to end net neutrality, nor did we lose the free market or freedom of speech in the internet as so many headlines suggest. What happened was the FCC, headed by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, […]

Being alone could help you

Millennials clouded by social stigma

For most of my 21 years of being alive, I have been extremely self-conscious of how the people around me, even strangers, perceive me. For years, I experienced this looming cloud of always feeling on edge, trying not to say the wrong thing, be “too weird” or come off as my true self. It wasn’t […]

Editorial Comment

Vital to vote for Seattle Mayor

The phrase “every vote counts” has a strong application in this upcoming Mayoral election. The race for Seattle Mayor has drawn in 21 candidates total. Only two of these candidates will continue to the general elections come August. During the 2013 primary elections, only 35 percent of registered voters casted a ballot, and nine candidates […]

Storm-ing SPU’s gym facilities

Arrangement of SPU DII, WNBA teams beneficial

SPU and the Storm, Seattle’s WNBA franchise, are in their seventh year of sharing facilities, an arrangement that benefits both parties. “It’s a pretty unique opportunity; I don’t know of too many other arrangements like this around the country,” SPU Athletic Director Jackson Stava remarked. According to the WNBA Seattle Storm website, in 2008 the […]

Colosimo’s unplanned season

Sophomore guard’s double knee injuries forced him to redshirt

Sophomore guard Gabe Colosimo, a member of the SPU men’s basketball team, returned to school early last September feeling prepared and motivated for a new year of playing the sport he loves so dearly. The Falcons were going to be led by a new coaching staff and had finished the previous season strongly, so Colosimo […]

Students create inviting space

Spring Emerson Coffee House provides platform for passions

Senior Resident Adviser Chris Thomas believes that while it can be frightening to perform in front of others, Emerson Coffee House provides a great platform for students to display their talents in a comfortable and inviting environment. “What I love is that the audience is always super receptive,” Thomas said. The space provides a unique […]

Fighting to be seen

After leaving life behind, undocumented workers face disillusionment

By Manola Secaira and Athena Duran After sunset, when students are studying or sleeping in their dorms and much of Seattle Pacific University’s faculty and staff have long since gone home for the night, Alejandro wakes up. As he gets ready for work, he says goodnight to his two sons, a 4-year-old and a newborn, […]

‘Francesca’ showcases original student work

Musical production stresses importance of relationships

Junior music major Kristoffer Bjarke loves musical theater. Not only is it his favorite form of music to compose for, but he also believes it is the most collaborative art form in existence. While he knows that collaborators might think differently than him, he says, “you can’t do it without working with people, which I […]