SPU Styled columnist interviews SPU fashion blogger

Sophomore Morgan Gaston gives fashion advice

Through amassing over 12,000 Instagram followers and working with top brands like Coach and Neiman Marcus, SPU sophomore Morgan Gaston has learned a thing or two about fashion. I sat down with Gaston to discuss her blog, Morgan Lillian, and to learn her secrets to success. SPU Styled: What made you want to start morganlillian.com? […]

Interactive art intrigues

‘Fun. No Fun.’ proves poignant

REVIEW Fun used to be parties and concerts. But now, according to the Henry Art Gallery, it’s architecture. In the Henry Art Gallery’s new exhibition “Fun. No Fun” interactive installation art takes hold of the lower level space with its maze of wooden stairs surrounded by a littering of colorful sculptures. The Henry’s website describes […]

Event discuses dangers of porn

Mental health counselor talks on effects of living in ‘pornocracy’

While some people may not see porn as a problem, Danielle Meier from SPU’s Office of Safety and Security (OSS) thinks otherwise. Starting last year with the event “Pornified,” The Office of Safety and Security kicked off a four-part sequence of events they hope will help start a conversation on porn and its harmful effects […]

SAMEA hosts Palestine speaker

Reverend calls for freedom from misled ideas

For Palestinian Reverend Alex Awad, whose current home is in Jerusalem, Palestinian oppression is a daily reality. Awad recalled his daily encounters at Israeli military border checkpoints. “I look to the left and right, and there are Jewish settlements on Palestinian land,” he said. “I look at the checkpoint, and there are young Israeli soldiers […]

New by-law updates impact ASSP Core Functions

During Monday’s Senate meeting, Senators revisited past proposed by-law updates and also introduced new by-law proposals. Senators reviewed by-law proposals that were introduced by ASSP President Lola Sosanya and ASSP Executive Vice President Mara Kramer. Their proposals were tabled for one week of academic consideration during the April 25 Senate meeting. Sosanya’s proposed updates to […]

Lively enactments embrace creativity

Third annual Lip Sync battle draws, unifies residence halls

“Can I get a drum roll please?” asked junior Master of Ceremonies Janelle Espersen of the crowd at the third annual Arnett Lip Sync Battle as the last award was about to be given out. The rumble of the crowd’s feet grew steadily as Espersen announced, “People’s Choice goes to third Arnett.” Not only did […]

Writing, vehicle for discovery

Milton fellow opens up about awakening via written word

To Isaac Anderson, writing has power. Writing jars “the reader awake” and wakes up the author in the process as well, he said. To him, writing is an opportunity to discover more about the world or about himself and others. “And also importantly, I would say, it’s an opportunity to locate myself within communities of […]

Engaging homelessness through personal experience

Students gather to talk about Urban Plunge and Seattle’s homelessness crisis

To many students at Seattle Pacific University, being a part of Urban Involvement’s Urban Plunge has given them a much more realistic outlook on homelessness. This was especially the case for first-year physiology major Samuel Black who got involved in Urban Plunge in December of 2016. “We were only out for five days, so [our […]