Senators approve upcoming fiesta

Dialogue about accessibility continues, by-law updates underway

This week in Senate, Senators passed a funding request from Latinos Unidos club for their upcoming “Fiesta” event. Additionally, Senators continued discussion on campus accessibility and reviewed by-law updates.

Representatives from Latinos Unidos club spoke to Senate about Fiesta, which is scheduled to take place on May 8 in Martin Square.

The event will feature games, a mariachi band and traditional food. Members spoke about how they believed the Fiesta will serve as a way to bring awareness to a variety of Latino cultures.

The only amendment made to the proposal was to charge $1 for those who decided to eat the food at Fiesta as a way to add revenue. Overall, the approval for the event was passed unanimously.

Senate also discussed a student perspective that was submitted by School of Health Sciences Senator Rachel Andrews. Andrews said she wanted to continue discussion on issues of accessibility on campus.

She shared how she had spoken with Niki Amarantides, the director at the Center for Learning, as well as Annabell DuMez-Matheson, the assistant director at Disability Support Services.

Andrews expressed that she wanted to establish a list of specific items on campus that are currently inaccessible.

During this conversation, Ashton Hall Senator Mary Kate Gleason spoke about how she and ASSP President Lola Sosanya had been working on a proposal to put on an educational seminar for faculty to understand what is necessary in order to accommodate all students.

Sosanya added that she had also been speaking with Vice President for Student Life Jeff Jordan about the possibility of implementing accessibility curriculum for faculty, since program similar to the proposed curriculum is not currently in place.

Sosanya also presented proposed by-law changes for her office. Proposed edits included removing the inactive Community Relations Committee, reflecting encouragement in programming and refining the language for the winner of the yearly undergraduate faculty member award. The proposal was tabled for one week of academic consideration.

ASSP Executive Vice President Mara Kramer also presented proposed by-law changes for the  next Executive Vice President. In her by-law changes, Kramer updated Roberts Rules and technical time allotments for speakers and also revised how the Elections Task Force will handle election materials.

Kramer also decided to remove the faculty liaison position from ETF, and also removed the inactive Committee for Senate Public Relations.

The proposal was tabled for one week of academic consideration.

In other business:

  • ASSP Vice President of Ministries announced that the “Justice Speaks!” Conference will be held through April 28 to 29.
  • ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Bilen Yitbarek announced that STUB will be showing “Shrek” at its movie night on Thursday, April 27. The movie will begin at 8 p.m. on the Eaton lawn.
  • ASSP Vice President of Finance Nathan Bennett announced that Allocation Board is still awaiting the Spring amounts for conference, club and general funds to be released by Finance Department, which is an expected amount of $7,979.
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities Senator Athena Duran announced that the SPU Theatre department will be presenting the musical “Into the Woods.” Opening night is May 4 and tickets for students are $12.
  • Arnett Hall Senator Bud Williams announced that the Arnett Lip Sync Battle will be held on Sunday, April 30 at 7 p.m. in Royal Brougham Pavilion. Admission is $1.
  • School of Theology Senator Lanae Hollingsworth announced that the Multicultural Night of Worship (MNOW) will be held on Tuesday, May 23.
  • School of Psychology, Family, & Community Senator Lindsay Kerekes announced that the Psychology Research Conference will be held on May 31 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Upper Gwinn Commons.
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator Joelle Morris announced that she had emailed several names of architects to Kat Carlson in order to begin the process of evaluating the accessibility of the McKinley Hall theatre.
  • Hill Hall Senator Erkin George announced that All Hall Ball will be held on Friday, May 5 at the Fremont Foundry. Tickets are available on OrgSync for $20.
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Science and Engineering Senator Jeanna Ramirez announced that students will be presenting research at the Ericksen Conference on Friday, May 12 in Otto Miller Hall. Ramirez also noted that Biology Club will be hosting training on May 4 for its upcoming bone marrow drive and that MAPS will be hosting Interprofessional Grand Rounds on May 11.
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