Camaraderie at Seattle Cup event

SPU hosts annual intercollegiate games

It is not every year SPU has the chance to host the intramurals playoff, Seattle Cup, an event that takes place annually for each sport. And this year not only did SPU host, but SPU’s intramural men’s basketball team won with a score of 79 to 50.

This past Saturday, March 4, university students from SPU and the University of Washington came together for the final playoffs of intramural basketball.

In the past UW, Seattle University, UW Bothell and SPU all participated, but due to staff changes, UW Bothell and SU were unable to participate in Seattle Cup this winter term.

For some students, playing competitively is hard to manage with academics, but intramurals allow the opportunity to engage in recreational play. Students across Seattle have participated in the program for decades.

Whether students are first-years coming from high school competitive sports, or have already graduated from university, the floor is open to anyone to play the game. Alumni and faculty have the same options to become and stay involved with Intramurals as first-years do.

Recent SPU graduates from the class of 2016, Nakaira Petty and Marcie Hendricks played in their fifth Seattle Cup this past weekend.

Turner Haney | SPU Intramurals
Jessica Truong, a junior nursing major, plays at Seattle Cup on March 4.

“Hopefully when UW Bothell and SU are fully staffed next quarter and they know who their intramurals coordinators are, they   will bring teams, and we will continue the tradition which we have done three years in a row,” said Adam Finch, SPU’s intramural manager and equipment manager of four years.

The men’s basketball teams faced-off first. SPU’s number one team, “Just Buckets,” faced UW’s number one men’s basketball team.

SPU junior Shawn Miguel appreciates how intramurals allow him a place to find community and just have fun like he did in high school.

“Obviously, we don’t take it as seriously; it’s a little more on the fun side. It’s cool to network with kids from other schools and just learn what they are about,” Miguel said.

Senior James Lee from the University of Washington has also been thoroughly involved in intramurals at his school, all four years in fact. Lee said he has met a lot of his closest friends through intramurals.

Junior Jaerez Ozolin quickly became involved in intramurals upon coming to SPU.

Ozolin played basketball competitively for three years before getting involved in intramurals at SPU.

“It’s fun to take your mind off school and just get up and down the court,” he said.

Next up were the women’s basketball teams. SPU’s number one, “The Dream Team,” against UW’s number one women’s team, “Victorious Secret.”

After a hard loss of 31 to 42, SPU’s women’s team still enjoyed the game. The chance to play was all they wanted from the sport they enjoyed most.

Junior Cydi Proctor from the UW participates in intramurals because she likes to be part of a team and just have fun.

“It is just so fun getting to play with different people, and not having to give up your passion, like if you are not playing competitive in college, you can still play for fun,” Proctor said.

Finch enjoys the camaraderie that comes with Seattle Cup.

“I think it’s something [players] look forward to,” Finch said. “It’s a chance to meet people from a different school, and they recognize, oh yeah, these students are just like us.”

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