Annual film fest showcases student talent

Residents of Emerson Hall find community in creating movies

As part of the annual hall celebrations, Emerson Film Festival has been a big hit with the residents since 2002.

Located in SPU’s Upper Gwinn on Sunday, March 5, Emerson Film Fest featured eight films made by students on each floor.

Among the judges was SPU’s very own Jennie Brott, known by most people as “Jennie from Gwinn,” who has a fan-made Facebook page boasting over 500 likes.

The panel of six judges had voted prior to the evening, but Brott was in attendance to show her support for the residence hall.

Julia Suddarth | The Falcon
Sophomore Victoria Pfeifer smiles as first-year DJ Watts walks off stage with his award.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the films again,” Brott said before the event began. “I got to see them a couple of weeks ago, and a few of them were still being made so they weren’t in their complete form yet.”

Because the judging was already finished, the event was more of a viewing and culmination of careful planning and filming in addition to an awards night.

The videos ranged from first west’s “Bad Girls Club: SPU Edition” beginning with a student calling her sugar daddy for more meal plan money, to Second East’s compilation of Snapchat videos documenting what they have done together this year.

Sophomores Victoria Pfeifer and Jonathan Corcoran served as Masters of Ceremonies for the night, throwing in jokes when appropriate and inciting positive reactions from the audience.

“It is really so reliant on our residents, and it’s a different way to showcase people’s talents,” said Pfeifer, the Emerson Hall Council events and programming director. “If you’re really good at taking film or editing videos or coming up with unique ideas, it’s a way to showcase that. Other than the art program, students typically don’t get to do that.”

“Hopefully everyone has a great time and enjoys the films, that’s my main goal,” said Corcoran, Emerson Hall president, before the Film Fest. “My team and I worked very hard trying to make this night possible.”

At the end of the night, the engraved gold awards resembling oscars were handed out to the floors. Kicking off the award ceremony was the announcement of the award for best cinematography to the men of third central for their video “The Danger Zone.”

Shot through the eyes of the new SMC on the floor, the narrator walked around the living space, looking into various rooms and encountering strange things.

“This film has been referred to as a meme within a meme,” Corcoran told the audience.

Best Plot went to fourth east, for “CL4E,” a parody of the classic who-done-it board game turned movie. In “CL4E,” the women of fourth east were going to a floor meeting, only to find out their RA had been murdered. The weapon? A Gwinn knife.

“I feel like I’m in a board game, or a really bad parody of a board game,” said one of the characters.

The audience was able to decide the final award of the evening, the People’s Choice Award by sending a text message to an automated system – 119 votes were cast, and the audience decided: People’s Choice went to third west for “Short Films.”

The video featured various meme-type clips of third west boys lost on the SPU campus, and one student teaching everyone how to make a tostada.

Sophomore Emma Haney of first east appreciated the social opportunity the film fest gave her.

“Film fest gave me the opportunity to work with people on my floor who I may have never had the opportunity get to know.”

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