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Sharing the world’s largest bowl of pho


A bright room, clean tables and fast service are good qualities for restaurants to have. Dong Thap Noodles definitely has all three, as well as something else that makes it special.

The world’s largest bowl of pho.

That’s right, the biggest bowls of pho can be found right here in Seattle. Parking may be a little difficult to find, but Dong Thap Noodles is not.

Upon walking into the restaurant, one will find several tables well spaced and bright walls adorned simply with framed achievements and flower decor.

Most of the time, there is little-to-no line, and the restaurant’s employees seat you at a clean table as quickly as possible.

The smells of meats and broth will quickly draw in any who pass by, and the impressive bowls seen on the tables will have guests wanting to order noodles immediately.

Dong Thap Noodles has typical bowl sizes available, but the main attraction at at this restaurant is the Super Bowl Challenge.

Mackenzie Barden | The Falcon
The “Super Bowl Challenge” dares one individual to eat a three pound bowl of soup alone.

This bowl consists of three pounds of meat, three liters of broth and a couple pounds of noodles. It comes in a bowl about five times the size of a large bowl and takes up half of the table.

The Super Bowl Challenge is meant for one person, and is not to be shared. A reservation must be made for this challenge, as the staff at Dong Thap Noodles can only accommodate two challenges a day.

If that challenge is an intimidating prospect, no need to worry, there are still other ways to experience the giant bowl of pho.

If one is looking to share with several friends, the Dong Thap Noodles offers alternatives to the Super Bowl Challenge.

They make the equivalent of four-to-five extra large size orders in the “super bowl” that can be enjoyed by around six people.

Along with the “super bowl,” each individual gets their own bowl so they can flavor their own servings to their liking.

The noodle dish is brought out within a few minutes, hot and flavorful. The noodles themselves are premade and packaged a few days early, due to the extensive process used to make them.

Fresh sides of sprouts, jalapenos and herbs are placed on the table, along with different sauces to spice up your own serving.

Although ladling noodles into each bowl can be a challenge, it is definitely worth the work.

The effort is rewarded when the customer dips the spoon into the rich broth for the first time. The noodles are soft, not too mushy, and the meat is plentiful without being overwhelming.

Even after several helpings, it is easy to find that there are still left overs in the giant bowl.

The staff is readily available to bring needed supplies to the table so you can pack home any remaining noodles.

Dong Thap noodles is the place to go when looking for a new way to experience pho, or just for some delicious noodles.

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