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Position changed, dance event passed

This week, Senate tabled discussion on changing the title and responsibilities of the ASSP Public Relations Manager and voted to approve the budget for the upcoming Ante Up All-Styles Battle.

Kalina Thornton, the current ASSP public relations manager, authored the proposal to change the title of ASSP Public Relations Manager to ASSP Communications Manager. Thornton also proposed modifications that would better identify the roles within the position and how the position is represented within the ASSP Officer Core.

Thornton said that, while her position does involve public relations work, she also coordinates and manages the office and works with other departments. Due to her other responsibilities, Thornton believes that a new name for the position is necessary.

Changing the public relations manager’s position to a non-core member would result in the public relations manager attending less of the events than members within the ASSP Officer Core. However, the public relations manager must attend events that the ASSP President requests their presence at.

The classification of the position as a non-core member would also allow the public relations manager to hold monthly meetings with office staff as an effort to “build ties with the office staff,” since the public relations manager acts as the supervisor.

Thornton also proposed to remove the mention of ASSP television from her role, as the program no longer exists.

Senate voted to table the discussion about the changes to the public relations manager’s role for academic consideration for one week.

Senate also heard a proposal from Ante Up in regards to their All-Styles Battle. This will be the third year Ante Up has hosted this event.

“Basically, what it is is a dance event where we invite everyone from the Northwest, from different studios that are around,” President of Ante Up Samantha Stevens said.

Currently, there are 20 teams of two dancers each signed up for the All Styles Battle.

“They go head-to-head, two against two, and then they move on through each round until there’s the final round, which is just two versus two, and then there’s one winner,” Stevens said.

The winning team of the All Styles battle will receive a cash prize of $100, as well as a trophy. This event will also feature showcases from three groups from three different dance studios around the Northwest.

“The purpose of the event is to bring Seattle dance and hip-hop culture to SPU,” Stevens said.

The requested budget for the All Styles Battle was only modified slightly, as Finance Board decided to reduce the amount paid to the videographer and photographer from $250 to $100 in order to abide by standards the Finance Board typically employs in paying videographers and photographers.

After brief discussion, the new budget for the All Styles Battle was approved unanimously by Senate.

The meeting concluded with a brief discussion about the mandatory student leadership In-Service event that occurred on Jan. 31.

While some expressed that they enjoyed the style and message of the event, other members of Senate were disappointed with the Christian emphasis of the message.

“I think as we move toward inclusivity it’s important to acknowledge that not all student leaders are Christians,” Nathan Bennett, ASSP vice president of finance, said. “I feel like that was something that was not reflected very well in this In-Service.”

In other business:

Bennett announced that the Allocation Board has almost completed their determination of ASSP student leader scholarship amounts for the next academic year.

Senator for the Department of Humanities Athena Duran announced that Leadership Week’s Media Open House will be taking place in the KSPU office in Weter on Feb. 15 from 4-5 p.m.

School of Business, Government and Economics Senator Abbey Brandt, who also serves on the Faculty Development Committee, announced that a beta test for new software for course evaluations has been launched. Those with suggestions and input on the system are encouraged to share them.

Emerson Hall Senator John Hemmenway announced that Emerson Coffee House will take place on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.

School of Health Sciences Senator Rachel Andrews announced the extension of the NAPS drive until the end of February.

Vice President of Ministries Shongi Motsi announced that University Ministries and World Relief will be hosting a Refugee Advocacy event on Wednesday in Upper Gwinn from 7-8:30 p.m.

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