People of Promise

Students recognized for changing world, sharing love

As senior Kiersten Brown ascended the stairs onto the stage in Royal Brougham, all she could think of were her friends and how they have supported her throughout her college career.

Brown is one of the six recipients of this year’s “People of Promise” awards, which took place during the intermission of the Talent Show.

“It makes me think of all my friends who could have easily received this award,” Brown said. “I like to think that me getting it is a symbol of all of them.”

Fellow classmates, friends and faculty of SPU annually submit nominations for “People of Promise” in the weeks leading up to the talent show.

The award provides the opportunity for SPU students to see their peers recognized for their strong Christian commitment, service to SPU, extra curricular involvement, on and off campus, and academic accomplishment.

This award honors SPU students who embody the mission of changing the world and sharing love with those who wouldn’t necessarily receive love.

Brown said she hopes that the recognition of this award will make more people aware of other cultures and challenge professors, students and advisers to make SPU a more hospitable place for all.

In arguably one of the most impactful moments of the evening, it was made known that Brown received the nomination in honor of Erin Kimminau, an SPU student activist who passed away while coming home from the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota this past November.

Other recipients include senior Lukas Krumpl, junior Jack O’Hara, junior Claire Moore, sophomore Joseph Roberts and sophomore Cailin Dahlin.

This year there were no first-year students nominated for the “People of Promise” award, but in the past there have typically been nominees for all four classes. This was also the first year faculty were able to nominate students.

On global and local scales, the nominees of this year’s “People of Promise” have committed to engaging the culture and changing the world that is around them. From going on SPRINT mission trips to different parts of the world to participating in local homeless outreach ministries, this year’s nominees truly live out the change they want to see in the world.

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Cailin Dahlin- sophomore

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Joseph Roberts- sophomore

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Claire Moore- junior

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Jack O’Hara- junior

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Lukas Krumpl- senior

Courtesy of University Communications | SPU
Kiersten Brown- senior

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