AR Wear sadly tenable option for women

Safeguard clothing justified, alarming

Guess what’s making a comeback in 2017? Chastity belts.

Recently, a new video went viral on Facebook that promotes this “new” piece of clothing. It’s supposed to protect women from sexual assault.

AR Wear, the company that produces the product, hopes that it will “safeguard” women from any sort of sexual attack.

The piece of clothing is basically underwear but with a special latch inside that can only be released by the wearer. This garment is also supposedly made of a material that is resistant to tight pulling and violent cutting.

AR Wear’s final selling point, if you somehow are not already sold, is that the product is just as comfortable as underwear and ready for daily use.

When looking at the comments section on this video, a large majority of women were applauding this product for being such a clever idea. Many truly think that this is a great option to keep them safe wherever they go and whatever situation they might find themselves.

Surely the product can and will save many women from sexual assault, but something about all of this just doesn’t seem fair. It doesn’t make sense that a woman should have to go through the inconvenience to protect what’s hers, her body, every time she leaves her home.

No matter how “comfortable” these safeguard underwear may be, it’s not something that women should have to even think about wearing in the first place.

We shouldn’t have to worry about getting raped while we take our dog for a walk, go for a run or head out with a friend for dinner.

When women have to “safeguard” their bodies, they are being forced to mold to fit the disgusting way in which society is headed. Maybe instead of woman having to protect themselves constantly, people, notably men, should learn to have a tad bit of self-control.

Interestingly enough, according to a 2013-2015 study conducted by the National Sexual Resource Center, “One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives.”

This statistic shows that women represent the majority of victims of rape, and this is probably why AR Wear has made women’s safeguard underwear and not a safeguard boxer brief for men.

But, to be clear, this column isn’t to say that all men are rapists or sex offenders, but instead to show the danger that woman have to face in their daily lives and the precautions necessary for safety.

Is it not insane that this is a necessary precaution women must take to protect themselves? It is quite frustrating that this is what it has boiled down to: protective underwear, the modern-day chastity belt.

It makes one wonder when the world will start to look at the root of the issue and not just focus on how to protect one from these issues. It’s time we focus on prevention, not protection.

A women should be able to show off her body however she pleases, but with the way media portrays them, it makes them seem more like a piece of meat than a human being.

One can only hope that one day women will be able to walk the streets without having to go through all this trouble.
Bottom line is: you don’t see people walking around the streets, at the club or at the gym wearing a bulletproof vest or helmet, so it doesn’t make any sense that a similar kind of “protective” gear should be justified for women, ever.

Kailey is a senior journalism major.

This article was posted in the section Opinion.

One thought on “AR Wear sadly tenable option for women

  1. Women shouldn’t have to go to these extra lengths to protect from rape. Additionally it doesn’t protect from the sexual assaults and all the ways that a person can be sexually assaulted. I wonder too if speeding is committing a violent crime and an obstacle is put in their way is the victim ultimately safer or does the criminals rage kick in thereby putting the victim in more serious danger.

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