Editorial Comment

Israeli actions illegal, unjust

The Israeli Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, passed a law Monday evening that directly undermines the progress toward peace and the possibility of a two-state solution for the Jewish and Palestinian people. Even though polls show that most Israelis support the establishment of a two-state resolve, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and his band of conniving […]

SPU confessions

Facebook page possibly damaging, unnecessary

It’s time to talk about the elephant on campus: the SPU confessions page. The description of the page reads, “Open confession is good for the soul” with a link to a Google form where anyone can anonymously submit their opinions on anything and everything that comes to mind. Posts range from confessions of love, criticism […]

Travel ban indefensible

Fear can not supersede obligations

Really? You don’t support accepting refugees? You see the images of bloodied, dust-covered children on the news and think “It’s too bad we can’t help them, they might be terrorists”? There are an estimated 65 million people in the world who are currently refugees. Whether escaping war in Somalia, fleeing government persecution in Myanmar or […]

Love not on Tinder

Current dating culture toxic to students

Roses are red, violets are blue, millennials will swipe right, but only if you’re cute. With all the pink heart balloons, candy, flowers and massive teddy bears flooding every store in the area, it’s hard to forget that Valentine’s Day is indeed fast approaching. This is the time of year when couples parade their love […]

Hypocrisy of GOP

Duplicity of modern conservatives apparent in double standards

When political officials run for office, they represent us as the American people. As our representatives, they have a duty to present a dignified picture of the United States of America to the world. They also have a responsibility to regulate each other via the checks and balances in our government system. Our two major […]

SPU struggles away

Three consecutive losses bring record to 9-13

Road woes continued for SPU as the young Falcons struggled to close out games on the road again. Despite good effort, poor shooting and poor ball security doomed the team. “I think for us bad stretches have come on the road because traveling can take a toll,” sophomore forward Coleman Wooten said. “It mentally and […]

Falcons outscore Yellowjackets

SPU starts win streak on road, GNAC record 9-5, 17-5 overall

Thanks to a win on Saturday, the Seattle Pacific University women’s basketball team ensued their fourth consecutive win. Beating the Montana State Billings, 98-57, the Falcons ended their four away games with a record of 17-5 overall and 9-5 in conference. SPU played all 12 of its players, and each put points on the board, […]

Battling homelessness

Innovation Lab provokes student empathy, solutions

When Graham Pruss was 16, he flunked out of high school and became homeless. “I ate out of dumpsters, I slept under bridges,” he said. “I had no tent. I had no sleeping bag. I had little help and little hope.” He lived without a roof over his head until, one day, he was given […]