[AUDIO] Sophia Club Defines Feminism

During the spring quarter of 2005 at Seattle Pacific University, there was a tragic event called “May Madness” where a few male students placed 64 female students in a sports-style rating bracket.

This event exposed some of the deep hurt found in the ways women were being treated, and shed light on specific gender issues that needed to be dealt with.

In order to empower women and other students who are discriminated against, Sophia club is committed to being a catalyst for this kind of change and has been a safe place on campus for more than six years.

In a conversation with host Peter Choi, the co-leaders of Sophia club explain how Feminism has been such a personal component to their story and describe why Feminism is crucial to everyone in our society today.


(00:34 – 3:53) how Sophia club has started at SPU.

(3:55 – 6:32) What are some things Sophia club does?

(6:3 –7:41) Why did you decide to do tampon donations?

(7:42 – 9:01) what can someone who might not call himself a feminist can contribute to the conversation in the club? What kind of sources do you have in order to be more inclusive?

(9:02 –12:57) What do you think about the negativity around the idea of feminism?

(12:58 – 13:45) What kind of challenges do you have right now?

(15:00 – 20:47) Why is Feminism so important to you all?


*We are still in the process of finding a better way to be more accessible to all students. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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