Intersection of artistic media

Students collaborate and create within 24 hour time crunch

Sophomore Jayne Hubbard spent the evening of Saturday, Jan. 8, walking in paint and playing songs on the kazoo. She and a group of three other students had the task of creating a performance piece inspired by  Sojourner Truth’s statement: “I am not going to die. I am going home like a shooting star.” The […]

VPDEI announcement in February

The committee searching for and nominating candidates for SPU’s new position, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (VPDEI), finalized their submissions and presented them to President Dan Martin at the end of Fall quarter. Among those part of the search committee were four students originally part of the SPU Justice Coalition, a student group […]

An unexpected call to teaching

Murg adds Catholic point of view to SPU community

An old, retired Catholic priest from New York finally convinced him not to do it. After years spent thinking he was called to become a priest himself, Bradley Murg’s life changed at age 21 in that encounter with the priest. “You’re a solid intellectual … I know you’d be a solid priest,” Murg recalls him […]

Student hub to replace Weter

New building promotes accesibility, Jordan says

Correction: This article was updated on Jan. 13 to clarify that ASSP hiring and elections portal on OrgSync, replacing the old system of voting through Banner. Correction: In the Jan. 11 issue of The Falcon it was reported that the new student hub building had been approved by the city of Seattle. However, it has […]

Falcon first-years step on court

Falcons go 7-7; injuries lead to first-year play off bench

Though the men’s basketball team continues to grow and improve, more of the same resulted for the Falcons as they remain at .500 following a loss to Western Oregon and a win over Concordia. The SPU Falcons are now sitting with a 7-7 record and 3-3 in GNAC play. This past Thursday, the Falcons got […]

‘Slow coming kingdom’ of God

Learning to wait for God’s Kingdom during trying times

Co-director of Haiti Partners Kent Annan spoke at Tuesday’s chapel about his experiences doing nonprofit work and how they’ve affected his understanding of God’s works. Annan’s new book, “Slow Kingdom Coming,” focuses on waiting for God’s Kingdom to come and what that means for Christians. “This Kingdom of God is a slow kingdom coming,” Annan […]

Photography as documentary

Representing rural, urban life through photos from trips around the world

It was a coincidence that Kristin Capp was led to pursue photography. When Capp was a French and Russian studies student at McGill University, she decided to enroll in a photography class simply in order to do something different than her major. Now, Capp is a photographer who has published three photography books and traveled […]