Citizens must drive dialogue

Climate change undeniable to most, but not to US leaders

Happy 2017! After the hottest year on record, polar ice levels have reached a record low. The Great Barrier Reef is on its last leg due to bleaching that occurs as ocean temperatures rise. An ice chunk larger than Rhode Island is expected to break off of Antarctica by April, and, just this summer, we […]

Editorial Comment

Trump's remarks indefensible

The 2017 annual Golden Globe Awards was a night to remember. “La La Land,” the musical film, set a record for winning all seven of the awards for which it was nominated, Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” which he created, directed, and stars in, won Best Comedy Series and Meryl Streep made the Internet implode. “There was […]

Hysteria prevents healthcare

Anti-vaccination sentiment airs ableist values, ignorance of upper-class

In the 1990s, Andrew Wakefield published an article in The Lancet that causally linked the MMR vaccine to autism. This assertion sparked massive anti-vaccine hysteria, distrust of medical practitioners and a fear of a phenomenon called “vaccine overload.” To this day, many parents seek ideological exemption from vaccines scheduled for their children, even though scientifically […]

Just show respect

Put an end to ableist language and phrases used on daily basis

In today’s day and age, political correctness, while criticized by some, has become a valuable way to show respect to those with varying degrees of disabilities or differences from the average citizen. This has led to the development and subsequent shunning of ableist language and phrases that are used daily. Ableism is the discrimination or […]

Incoming first lady ought to be respected

Despite what seem like questionable actions, Melania Trump not that bad

Aformer supermodel whom plenty of the world has seen naked, whose college education cannot be completely confirmed and who is accused of committing one of the most embarrassing acts of plagiarism of 2016 is soon to be, drum roll please, our first lady. If you know of President-elect Donald J. Trump, then, undoubtedly, you have […]

Falcon women bounce back

SPU suffers first loss of season over break; two home wins bring record up to 13-1

The Seattle Pacific University women’s basketball team kept busy over the holiday break, playing several games both in conference and out. The Falcons tried to keep their record up, but their 11 game winning streak quickly came to an end as they suffered their first loss of the season against rival team Northwest Nazarene University […]

Film rich with symbolism

Psychological thriller demands undivided attention to follow

REVIEW SPOILER ALERT Mystery and misunderstanding set the stage for the intriguing psychological thriller “Claire in Motion.” In the most recent Sacha Pictures production, directors Lisa Robinson and Annie J. Howell create a film that will grip its audience through the entire viewing. Popularly known for her role in the Golden Globe Award-winning television series […]