Staff and faculty share vocational wisdom

SPU Center for Career and Calling hosts annual LIFE After College

For Associate Professor of History Rodney Stiling, settling on a practical while interesting career is tricky, but worth doing. “Try a lot of things,” he said. “Just keep turning the dial and you’ll reach music that catches your ear.” On Monday, Jan. 23, SPU’s LIFE After College week kicked off with a workshop called “Stories, […]

Interaction reconceptualized

Social media outlets helpful for those with social anxiety

We all know the articles, “Technology is Ruining Society,” “Why Teens Struggle to Have Face to Face Conversations,” “20 Things I Learned From Quitting Social Media For A Month” and so many more that clutter our social media feeds. The irony of these arguments being spread through Facebook and YouTube seems to go straight over […]

Migrant shaming wrong

US comprised of immigrants

Recently, some members of our political system have branded immigrants, specifically Middle Eastern Muslim and Latinx immigrants, as terrorists, criminals and drains on society. Calls for restrictions on immigration and hard penalties for visa overstays have been popularized and politically validated. These ideas have not been accompanied by concrete proposals for expanding legal immigration opportunities. […]

Unlearning LGBTQ hate

Despite good intentions, you cannot fix something that is not broken

Truly loving LGBTQ people takes a lot of unlearning. I spent most of my life as a homophobic gay person. I was taught that “loving the homosexuals” meant calling their identities sinful, calling their love a sinful lifestyle. Loving someone meant warning them that the consequence of their sin would land them in hell, right? […]

Editorial Comment

‘Alternative facts’ raise concern

We’re tired about writing about President Trump, but it’s difficult not to after he himself directed Sean Spicer, our current White House Press Secretary, to go to the White House briefing room to talk about the inauguration crowd size, and blatantly lie. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd questioned Kellyanne […]

Exhibit transforms historical theater

‘Re:definition’ promotes social, cultural inclusion

When Leah Henry-Tanner and Shelley Means discovered that Native American infant mortality rates were high above the national average, they knew something needed to be done. Henry-Tanner of the Nez Perce Tribe and Means of the Ojibwe and Lakota Tribes came together to form the Native American Women’s Dialogue on Infant Mortality (NAWDIM). Through their […]