Comic series condemns culture

Isolationist-Christian thought harmful

Jack T. Chick, an evangelical comic publisher who sold over 750 million comic units, has recently passed away at age 92. Perhaps his name is not familiar, but his comics certainly are. Known as “Chick tracts,” these little Christian comic books serve as tools for evangelism in the form of gifts to non-believers. Over 50 […]

Editorial Comment

Media scrutiny necessary today

What is fake news? More than likely, you don’t know. That’s one of the conclusions of a new study from Stanford that examined students’ ability to identify and analyze news sources. More than 7,800 students in college, high school and middle school from 12 states were asked to review news presented in Facebook comments, tweets […]

Editorial Cartoon:

Should we give “those people” some rights?

When you belong to a minority group, this is what it feels like to read opinion polls and wait for the public to be ready to afford you rights and protections. Should minority communities have to wait for the public to give its blessing?   Cartoon by staff columnist Brian Pfau.

Language manipulated

Common term has come to refer to anyone out of social norm

What does “divisive” actually mean? According to Merriam-Webster, it means “causing a lot of disagreement between people and causing them to separate into different groups.” From Latin “dis-: apart” + “videre: separate,” this term has become increasingly relevant in political discourse, and it seems to be taking on a slightly altered definition. A recent San […]

SPU loses to Looney at Classic

Men’s basketball goes 1-1; suffers loss to former head coach

Poor first halves marred the Cougar Classic tournament for the SPU men’s basketball team. The Falcons’ record stayed at .500 (3-3), after splitting a pair of games at the tournament in suburban Los Angeles over this long holiday weekend. Despite a rough first half in the Falcons’ first road game against tournament host Azusa Pacific, […]

Wisdom from a survivor

Student shares story of assault

  Abby Carson is learning the importance of vulnerability. Carson, a sixth-year physiology major, has been sexually assaulted twice during her time at SPU. Both assaults were off campus and by people not affiliated with SPU. With the first assault, she had a hard time recognizing what happened and neglected to immediately report it. But […]

Series provides closure

Fans react to ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ premier

SPOILER ALERT The new “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” has arrived to stream on Netflix, and after nine years fans are finally given a chance to catch up with some of their favorite characters and receive the much-needed sense of closure many feel they have been denied. The new Netflix miniseries serves as […]