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Voting more important than ever

Elections are right around the corner, Nov. 8 to be exact (don’t forget to vote). As of Oct. 23, 66 of the 100 major US newspapers have released endorsements for the general election.

Over half have endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and only one has endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The Falcon’s editorial board is choosing not to follow this age-old national trend, and instead is simply encouraging you to vote. We believe that endorsing a particular candidate is simply not our job.

It would be impossible for us to deliver to you, the community here at SPU, a completely unbiased report or coverage on any of the four current presidential candidates —Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Trump.

Given the historically low voter turnout for 18- to 24-year-olds, we believe it is our duty as a university publication to encourage you to research and develop your own opinion on the candidates.

Your vote is your vote and no one but yourself should tell you how to use it.
For personal research, we would recommend checking out websites such as Politifact, FactCheck and WikiLeaks to get started. From there, we encourage you to branch out and collect multiple opinions from different sources.

Yes, this sounds like a lot of extra work, especially during midterms, but this is our future we’re talking about here.

So please, vote.

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