Restoring identity through genetic testing

Day of Common Learning highlights intersection of science and social justice

For some people, DNA testing is a recreational activity. But for the researchers involved with the African Ancestry project, it’s a restoration of identity. This was the story that Dean of Sociology at Columbia University Alondra Nelson came to tell. Seattle Pacific’s 15th Annual Day of Common Learning revolved around the theme of “Finding your […]

Genetics now part of reconciliation conversation

Nelson talks about finding identity in genealogy

In the mid-to-late 1700s, Venture Smith was brought to America, sold into slavery and eventually bought out in what is now a well-known story. His descendants, despite having more information than most have about their slave ancestors, wanted to know more and set out on a journey in 2006. They dug up his grave with […]

Panel reflects on strife between police and public

Panelists push for accountability and progress

A panel of police officers, policy makers and faith leaders gathered in Upper Gwinn on Wednesday, Oct. 25, for Seattle Pacific’s “Panel Discussion on Policing: Where Do We Go From Here?” which focused on the issues of police violence, racial profiling and solutions for communities and police departments. “These conversations have to take place,” panelist […]

Pronoun switch necessary

Sorry grammar police, singular “they” is here to stay

English pronouns are a mess and they always have been. From the earliest recorded English texts, our pronouns have been remarkable compared to pronouns in other European languages. However, this hasn’t stopped grammarians from trying to fit them awkwardly into a Latin-shaped box. For the past two centuries, style guides have condemned certain “misuses” of […]

Evolutionary timescale important

Old, vast universe serves to humble inhabitants

What was it that made the Christian leaders of 1663 so agitated at the heliocentric theory that they placed Galileo under house arrest and put his writings on the Index of Forbidden Books? And what is it that makes so many modern Christians so agitated at the evolutionary history of the world that whole organizations […]

Editoral Comment

Voting more important than ever

Elections are right around the corner, Nov. 8 to be exact (don’t forget to vote). As of Oct. 23, 66 of the 100 major US newspapers have released endorsements for the general election. Over half have endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and only one has endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump. The Falcon’s editorial board […]

Food, art by same standards

The best type of food is the kind recommended by nutritionists and that ordinary people find tasty. The best kind of art is characterized by similar qualities; it stimulates the viewer’s sense of intrigue while inspiring them with important themes. This standard for measuring the value of an artwork’s effect — nutritious and delicious (N&D) […]