Debating OrgSync

Though two other proposals were passed Monday night, May 23, senate has called for another meeting next week to finish discussion over an expensive proposal. Additionally, senators reviewed all by-law amendments proposed last week, including the implementation of changing iterations of “s/he”  to “they” in By-Law Article III and the decision to have a 2/3 […]

Healing properties of art

Displaying the fruits of her creative healing process at last Friday’s “Love Creatively,” sophomore Shongi Motsi sang an original piece titled “Immune,” a song she said constantly changes with regards to the emotions inspiring it. “You never know who will step into that space, who needed that and who will be moved by that and […]

Finding empowerment in honesty

Reconciling faith and sexual orientation

Freshman Alyssa O’Connor remembers coming out to her father during her sophomore year of high school. After rehearsal for a school play, she had come home to pace in her room, wondering how to tell her parents. Having grown up in what she describes as a very traditional Christian family, there was always a feeling […]

Multiple cultures in identity

The melting pot theory of assimilation from previous years has now been replaced by the salad bowl theory of multiculturalism. According to Anthony Giddens et al, in the ninth edition of Introduction to Sociology, “a more appropriate metaphor for American society than the assimilationist melting pot might be the culturally diverse salad bowl, in which […]

Crime 5/25

Criminal Attempt On Tuesday, May 17, at 12:41 a.m., the Office of Safety and Security saw a person attempting to illegally enter Ashton Hall. The Office of Safety and Security and the Seattle Police Department issued a criminal trespass admonishment to the person. Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Thursday, May 19, a student reported a vandalized car […]