Compensations appealed

For SPRINT leader Alexis Varela, her monthly stipend is more than just money. “Money communicates value,” Varela told senators. “And where money is put communicates what’s valued here at SPU.” Last Monday, senators focused on compensation for student leadership positions when looking over a proposal concerning changes affecting the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Cuts and increases […]

Reflecting diversity in coverage

Letter from the editor-in-chief

We are grateful to Sarah Keough for taking the time to write to The Falcon and express concerns about the paper’s coverage of the March 1 forum on diversity. When students take the time to engage The Falcon in meaningful dialogue, we are presented the opportunity for improvement and growth. Keough focuses on The Falcon’s […]

Editorial Comment

Methanol plants warrant further talks

Governor Jay Inslee is promoting proposals to construct two methanol plants in Washington and one plant in Oregon. The resulting negative responses from some communities and associated environmental concerns necessitate more extensive citizen discussion both prior to and after environmental reviews of the plants. As reported by the Seattle Times on Saturday, March 5, the […]

SPU’s newest on-campus resident

  Sophomores Emma Thomas and Kawehi Dodge remember walking back from their French class mid-January around noon when they approached Health Services. Noticing others looking up, they spotted an owl sitting on a tree branch next to the building. Since then, students, faculty and staff have spotted the owl perching in the tree by Marston […]

Diddams, from SPU to Wheaton

Upcoming as first female Provost

Margaret Diddams, Seattle Pacific University’s assistant provost, has been appointed Wheaton’s new Provost, the first female in that position. “It is such a privilege for me,” Diddams said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “I am the first female [provost] and, yes, I think that is a big deal.” In 2010, Diddams joined SPU […]

Celebrating the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service

NPS provides invaluable service to nature, public

“The mountains are calling and I must go” wrote John Muir in 1873. It’s been over a century since Muir penned these words, but the sentiment expressed is one still relevant today. With 307,247,252 people visiting national parks in 2015 alone, it is clear Americans love the outdoors. As the National Park Service celebrates its […]