Daily World News Brief: ISIL claims double bombing in Baghdad market

The Islamic State and the Levant has claimed responsibility for bombings near an outdoor market in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital. There have been conflicting reports on the number of dead, but BBC reports that at least 31 are dead. Two suicide bombers are responsible for the blasts on Sunday, Feb. 28; militants use the tactic of […]

Daily World News Brief: Gunman dead after killing 3 in Kansas shooting

A shooting in Hesston, Kansas has claimed the lives of three people and wounded 14, according to the Associated Press. Ten of those wounded are in critical condition. The shooter was shot and killed by police at the scene of the shooting after he began firing at them. Around 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25, […]

The rise of online copyright battles

Fine Bros policing YouTube

Logic and law dictate that people can’t copyright concepts they didn’t create. Unless, apparently, those concepts are on the Internet. This dichotomy between offline and online copyright powers exists because the Internet is a place where you can post what you want, do what you want and make money how you want. Unfortunately, when big […]

Obama’s press problem

Revitalizing journalistic freedom

The Obama administration has presented the greatest threat to the American press in decades. With an impending presidential election, it is critical that citizens support an administration that will reverse the violations of the First Amendment’s promise of press freedom. Regardless of one’s views on Obama, it’s hard to deny that he has presided over […]

Editorial Comment

What the Apple controversy means for privacy

The FBI’s most recent attempt to force Apple to create a custom iOS update of their operating system would set a dangerous legal precedent that could open the door to government mass surveillance. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that building the skeleton key in order to unlock the San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook’s […]