Realizing modern-day racism

Students push to confront inequality

By Athena Duran, Tori Hoffman and Cassandra Calderon As an African-American student at a university with a predominately white student and faculty population, Seattle Pacific University sophomore Shongi Motsi wishes more hearts broke over the issue of racial prejudice. “I feel sad because there are people that don’t know what’s going on,” she says. “People […]

Update on 5W evictions

Residence Life has denied the appeals submitted by 11 sophomores on 5th West Ashton asking to reverse Seattle Pacific University’s disciplinary decision to evict the students from on-campus housing. All 11 sophomores have since moved out of Ashton. The disciplinary decision by ResLife on Oct. 27 resulted after students participated in an annual floor tradition […]

Application of Evolution to Genesis

For Rod Stiling, a professor of history, scientific questions can inform the theological and philosophical questions as well as illuminate them. The Faith and Science Club at Seattle Pacific University held an event on Nov. 19 titled, Christian Perspectives on Origin, which featured a panel consisting of Rod Stiling, Professors of Theology Jeff Keuss and […]

Walker finds joy in helping others

Emotional support through text

  Every Tuesday at 4 p.m., senior psychology major Cassidy Walker logs onto her computer, unsure of what the next four hours will bring. Streaming incoming text messages, sometimes those four hours bring conversations with individuals on the verge of taking their own life. Other times, Walker finds herself comforting high school girls struggling through […]