Moped parades around ‘Downtown’


Far from hand-stitched leather hides of a Cadillac, the hard pleather seat of a moped parades around Macklemore’s new music video, “Downtown.”

Released on Aug. 27,  Macklemore’s chooses to point out these differences in his single—emphasizing the value of fun over appearance.

The video stretches the boundaries of the typical rapper image.

While rappers are typically associated with high-end luxury cars and SUVs, Macklemore interprets the simple image of the moped as more appealing and unique than the popular forms of glamour.

The trending Uber app and public transportation are subtly referenced as relics of the past.

While depicting a crowded city divided by their mode of transportation, Macklemore focuses on unity through personality. The video seems to note that if individuals show themselves to the world without fear of the crowd around them, other people will become enlightened by their openness.

There are no smoking tires or loud exhaust notes in the video–only a chorus of people meeting downtown. Whether the bike is mint green or adorned in bull horns, everyone contributes to the color and variety of the crowd with their two-wheeled vehicle.

The highlight of this mobile display is a chariot with an etched eagle head being pulled by a “pack” of driverless motorcycles. This image brilliantly demonstrated the originality and unity that Macklemore brings to the music industry.

“Downtown” embraced the near-candid beauty and quirks of Spokane, Washington. The video spread imagery and personality to a little-known U.S. city. In doing so, millions of people are now more familiar with the urban-rural environment.

Fitting a countryside city model in popular belief, the video does not stray far from Spokane’s rural details. The prominent set of train tracks that ran above the city are a major highlight, as well as the neutral colors of the buildings that were bright and vivid for the sake of visual flattery.

Currently, 46 million viewers have absorbed his depiction of a thriving and undivided downtown.

While some viewers may disagree on his success, Macklemore’s video has clearly earned enough attention to make YouTube fans pause for second thought and view.

The fan base of Macklemore that once desired a Cadillac with Whitewall tires are now encouraged to find their own unique style to display.

Macklemore’s video encourages people to show their personal quirks with pride and fearlessness in public settings. As a result, Macklemore splashes color into the former straight-laced image of coolness.

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