All-American experience: The Skillet offers full flavor and atmosphere

REVIEW: Skillet is the best American style diner in Seattle. A bold claim—yes—but one supported by countless visits that have ended in nothing less than pure delight. Right now, they’re serving a two-course lunch for $15 and three-course dinners for $30 as part of Seattle Restaurant Week. Put on twice a year by The Seattle […]

Moped parades around ‘Downtown’

REVIEW: Far from hand-stitched leather hides of a Cadillac, the hard pleather seat of a moped parades around Macklemore’s new music video, “Downtown.” Released on Aug. 27,  Macklemore’s chooses to point out these differences in his single—emphasizing the value of fun over appearance. The video stretches the boundaries of the typical rapper image. While rappers […]