Owl City finds new focus

Since Owl City’s “Firefly” in 2009, Adam Young has captured hearts with lyrics tailor-made for crushing teens. Over the years though, the band has increasingly sounded like The Postal Service, and wide dislike for similar-sounding albums has cost Owl City many followers. However, Young’s latest album, Mobile Orchestra—to be released July 10, 2015—has the ability […]

Tomorrowland’s dystopian dream

Brad Bird is an interesting sort of auteur. He made a name for himself in the animation industry, where he directed introspective, family-friendly powerhouses like The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. His first foray into live-action directing resulted in the surprisingly adequate Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. While it wasn’t the greatest action movie, it had […]

Nepal government steals aid money

It is easy to dismiss death and destruction happening across the globe and not in your own backyard. We acknowledge the tragedy of the circumstance but hardly the story. Such is the case with many natural disasters, like the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 6.7 magnitude aftershock in Nepal. When a natural disaster occurs in a country, […]

5/27 Weekly Crime Update

Theft On May 20, 2015, an individual reported to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) that their musical instrument had been stolen from the Crawford Music Building. A security officer met with the individual, obtained information regarding the loss and completed a report. On May 25, 2015, a student reported to OSS that their […]