Small show with enormous laughs

A small cast with a large personality, Seattle Pacific Theatre department’s rendition of Oh Coward! reveres Noel Coward and his great contribution to the theater. A musical revue devised by Roderick Cook, the performance opened on May 21. Coward’s effervescent music and captivating repartee combine for an evening encapsulating his talent to amuse. As the […]

The biology of weight regulation

Seattle Pacific’s Eating Disorder Specialist Mya Kwon had one goal for the Counseling Center’s Health at Every Size workshop: adjust the thermostat on how students understand their weight. “There’s this spot in our brains called the hypothalamus,” Kwon said to the roughly 15 students in Arnett Hall’s main lobby on May 21. “It acts as […]

Memorial Day more than barbecues

This past weekend, many of us enjoyed family vacations, barbecues and bonfires with friends. Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer and offers a glimpse into the joy of the next three sun-soaked months. While this is all well and good, it draws away from the real meaning of Memorial Day: remembering those […]

White privilege not a fallacy

In a 2013 TED talk titled, “Does money make you mean?” social psychologist Paul Tiff plays a game of Monopoly. But for this game, the rules are different. One player receives more money, more opportunity and more access to resources. “That combination of skill, talent and luck that help earn you success in games as in […]