Farmworkers’ rights abused in WA

Familias Unidas por la Justicia (Families United for Justice, FUJ), an independent farmworker union in Burlington, Washington, is asking consumers to boycott products that contain Sakuma Bros. Farm’s berries. The organization, composed of primarily Mexican migrant workers, cites innumerable violations and abuses such as racial and sexual harassment, wage theft and retaliation. Sakuma Bros. supplies […]

China’s reclamation acts damaging

China’s recent reclamation acts in the South China Sea have caught the attention of surrounding nations, especially those who have territory claims in the disputed waters.In a clear power play, China is building artificial islands throughout the South China Sea, attempting to assert its dominance over the region despite multiple territory claims by other nations. […]

Recreation program aims to attract students with white water rafting trip

Juniors Samantha Krejcik and Kelsey Tuohy hope to get a broader range of students involved in Seattle Pacific’s Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) and develop relationships with recreational companies. To do this, Krejcik, ORP coordinator, authored a proposal to allocate $2,306 to ORP for a white water rafting trip with Blue Sky Outfitters in Leavenworth, Washington. […]