Racism against whites nonexistent

To the average citizen, it should be blatantly obvious that the United States is in dire need of a race relation transformation. From Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, Washington, minorities are being unjustly targeted and killed. Despite numerous racially-charged violent acts and daily micro-aggressions that minorities face, some people foolishly […]

Housing changes hinder community

For many Seattle Pacific University students, the end of spring quarter signifies the end of a year spent building community, enjoying traditions and forging relationships with floor mates that will hopefully last for years to come. For freshmen, this year was full of exciting new experiences with new friends. For sophomores, the year was spent […]

Mind of the machine in Ex Machina

Advances in technology have enabled humans to create many beautiful things, though one of these creations, robots, has often been controversial. Many films have looked at the relationship between robots and humans, but Ex Machina puts them together with a whole new perspective and outlook on artificial intelligence. Ex Machina is a sci-fi drama. It […]

Bonding through baseball

Senior Connor King wants to create an unforgettable night of bonding and fun for 2015-2016 student leaders. To do this, King, the Student Leadership Development Committee (SLDC) coordinator, authored a proposal to allocate $4,210 to SLDC for a 2015 Student Leadership Kick-Off event at Safeco Field. ASSP President John Jarman suggested several line items be […]