Bonding through baseball

Senior Connor King wants to create an unforgettable night of bonding and fun for 2015-2016 student leaders.

To do this, King, the Student Leadership Development Committee (SLDC) coordinator, authored a proposal to allocate $4,210 to SLDC for a 2015 Student Leadership Kick-Off event at Safeco Field.

ASSP President John Jarman suggested several line items be amended to reflect changes made since the proposal passed through Finance Board.

The amendment passed, bringing the new total to $5,295, and the proposal as a whole passed during the April 27 senate meeting.

Leadership Kick-Off is a mandatory event for all incoming student leaders.

“The money allocated to this cause would certainly not go to waste,” King stated in the proposal.

The kick-off event will be held on May 29. Student leaders will be transported to Safeco Field for a 7:10 p.m. Seattle Mariners game against the Cleveland Indians.

Leaders will meet in Tiffany Loop at 5:30 p.m. for brief congratulatory meeting. They will also receive baseball-themed goodie bags with gum, seeds, Cracker Jacks, etc.

Eight busses will be available to take students to and from the game. Leaders will return to campus around 11 p.m.

King stated that past leadership events have usually taken place in Royal Brougham due to the available banquet seating, but the price of catering tends to make things costly.

“It can cost $10,000-11,000,” King said. “It’s not really well-received for the event’s outreach.”

After researching several other venues such as the Seattle Aquarium, the Burke Museum and the Mohai Museum, Safeco proved to be the cheapest and most flexible option.

“The rental cost is inexpensive, and there are parking passes for the busses,” King said.

King proposed the idea of having the leadership event at a Mariners game because he believes the venue offers a fresh and exciting atmosphere opportune for bonding.

“It’s a fun and unique space…and the least expensive location while providing transportation and snacks,” King said.

SLDC has also formulated plans to ensure that time spent at the game is focused on bonding and intentional discussion. Seating has been purposefully chosen for teams and advisers. Each adviser and team leader will be given a “Baseball Bingo Game Guide” that will prompt discussion on topics like leadership.

“[It’s about] rewarding students as well as fostering fun and bonding.”


In other business, senators:

•Passed a $2,100 proposal for the ninth annual SPU Health School Fair on May 14 from 2-5 p.m. in First Free Methodist Church.

•Passed a $1,595.50 proposal for the Black Student Union to hold an End Of Year Heritage Celebration on May 29 from 7-9 p.m. in Upper Gwinn.

•Announced that Humans v. Zombies will start at midnight on April 29.

•Announced that I Love SPU Week will be held next week, May 4-8.

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