Community gathers in impromptu prayer

Around 100 students gathered at a student-led vigil Friday morning. Word spread late Thursday evening via Twitter and Facebook.
Courtesy of Mary Campbell

Late Thursday night, candles held by more than 100 students illuminated the crowded center lawn of Tiffany Loop. The lawn was the venue for an impromptu, student-led midnight vigil hours after the shooting at Otto Miller Hall.

Many students heard about the last-minute vigil via Facebook and Twitter.

Two students led the vigil, opening with a welcoming message and prayer. One of the leaders then started playing his guitar, inviting the crowd of students to join in on the worship song.

As the hour-long service progressed, more worship songs, both planned and spur-of-the-moment, ensued.
In between the worship songs, the leaders invited the crowd to pray aloud. The prayers from multiple students elicited “Amens” and sobs.

The two leaders also interspersed Bible verses, including many from 1Corinthians and Psalms, throughout the vigil. After reciting the Lord’s Prayer, the students sang one final worship song.

At one point, the students mumbled through an unfamiliar verse of the song together and broke out in laughter.

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