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On Monday, senators discussed and tabled a $103,000 proposal to create new ASSP spaces in the SUB.

Senior Isaac Gundersen, ASSP president, presented a $103,000 proposal for renovations to take place over the summer. The proposed changes would add a shed for ASSP media equipment storage, repurpose the current mailroom in the SUB for the ORP office, add a new office for ASSP ministries and renovate the SUB basement for use by ASSP clubs.

The room in the SUB currently used for ministries would be turned into a conference room for ASSP clubs and organizations to use as a meeting space.

ASSP ministries would be moved to a new area created in the SUB just inside the mailstop entrance. The lockers currently in the space would be removed and a wall would be put up to establish a new office space. Requested funds for this change were $10,000.

The proposal also included funds for a new shed to house ASSP media equipment, which is currently stored in Royal Brougham. $5,000 would purchase a shed that would have heat, electricity and easy vehicle access.

$48,000 was proposed for a renovation of the SUB basement. Shelves would be installed for ministry storage, and the club storage lockers would be moved to another part of the basement. In addition, Gundersen explained that several ASSP clubs need a space to practice performances. A large room in the basement would be furnished with wall mirrors and be available as an active space for clubs to use.

Gundersen said that the estimate of $48,000 was a number from a previous proposal to renovate the basement. He said that because those plans were more elaborate than the current ones, the actual cost would be less than $48,000.

SPU’s Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP), which currently operates in a room within the ASSP office, would be moved to the mailroom that opens to the outside of the SUB. The proposed $40,000 would renovate the larger space. The proposal also suggested removing a storage hallway between this new office and the ASSP office, which would give more space to the ORP office.

The current ORP room in the ASSP office could be repurposed as a hub for publicity, housing the ASSP publicist, webmaster, ministry marketer and the STUB publicist.

Gundersen said that the numbers for each of the renovations were high estimates and that the actual cost would probably be much lower. He said that because the architect and facilities department were so busy, they couldn’t provide more specific cost estimates right now, but that they would continue to analyze the renovations.

Senior Laura Nile expressed concern over the removal of the back wall of the storage hallway in the ASSP office. According to Gundersen, the storage room currently holds   shelves and cabinets with office supplies, as well as a mini fridge and microwave.

Hannah Sommers/THE FALCON

Hannah Sommers/THE FALCON

“As the PRM (public relations manager) last year, I see that as a valuable space, and it’s not big, but ASSP is dying for more space,” Nile said. “I think it’s really important that we keep the space that we have.”

“I don’t think it’s utilized as well as ORP could utilize it,” senior Matt Garcia, vice president of finance, said. “It’s all stuff that I feel like could be stored elsewhere very easily, and so I think ORP would make better use of that space.”

“I think the rationale was just taking the usage it has now, and how much could ORP gain from having the extra space, and putting them up against each other, and this is what came out,” Jake Caouette, executive vice president, said.

Senior Josh McBrayer asked if the proposal could be tabled.

“It would be nice to have some more information, possibly a week from now, to think about it, get a little more background there,” McBrayer said.

Gundersen said they would have to wait to hear from facilities to know whether they could move the wall, and how much it would cost to do so.

Senior Everan Chaffee moved to amend the proposal to remove the phrase that suggested the wall removal.

“I like what you guys have said about the proposal overall; the only point of contention here is that wall,” Chaffee said, explaining that taking a vote could determine whether more information about the wall should even be pursued.

Gundersen said that he would prefer waiting a week for more information before making a decision about the wall.

The amendment to remove the phrase did not pass.

The proposal was tabled in hopes that more specific information about the wall would be available in a week.

Senate also approved the executive vice president bylaws and tabled the vice president of intercultural affairs bylaws after making a minor change.

Scott Jackson, vice president of ministries, presented his bylaw changes, which mostly included changes in language and organization.

Reed Hawkins, chief justice of the Constitutional Advisory Board, presented the constitution for review, which was amended to indicate that the senator for Emerson Hall next year would also be the senator for the new residence hall.

Both the vice president of ministry bylaws and the constitution changes were tabled for next week.

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