Renovations close gym until autumn


If you wanted to get those last couple of curls in before summer, it is too late now. The weight room in Royal Brougham is now closed for the rest of the school year.

“[The weight room] will receive updated and more current equipment,” Assistant Athletic Director Amy Foster said. “This will include new non-operable windows, new flooring and a new HVAC system, which includes heating and cooling that will vary based on occupancy.”

Although the weight room has been closed since May 12, which is a handicap to SPU teams, students and faculty, it is all for the intent of looking toward the future. Even if the closure may currently inconvenience people around campus.

Obviously, the majority of people that this closure affects are the people involved in university athletics. They are the ones who use it exclusively 3–5 p.m. Monday–Friday.

“I am stoked for the new weight room,” head volleyball coach Chris Johnson said. “We have been working with the track coach, and we cannot control it closing early. It is what it is, but it has not been an inconvenience to my team.”

There was a rumor that after this renovation, the weight room would have fewer stations in it. So a weight room that is already small would not be improving on size. But this rumor was quickly dispelled.

“There will not be fewer stations,” Foster said. “Although there will be pieces of equipment that will have more uses and are more multi-functional.”

So there is no need to worry. All of the stations in the weight room that you have come to know and love will still be there next fall. The biggest question that remains now is why close the weight room with a month of school still left?

“In all of our planning for projects, this is the best timing,” Foster said. “Considering all the needs for project management, the opportunity for good weather and intercollegiate team needs, this was the best time.”

And while the early closure may not affect the volleyball team according to Johnson, not all head coaches feel the same way. There have been some concerns about the renovation.

“The weight room is already small,” head crew coach Keith Jefferson said. “I think we should be expanding at the very least. I believe that there is too few of everything, and that leads to more people standing around and waiting instead of actually working out.”

While the weight room can be quite crowded at times, the athletic department did not feel the need to expand.

None of us will know what this new weight room will look like until next school year.

Although we are denied the chance to tone our muscles now, the new weight room sounds like it will be worth the wait (no pun intended). We have to hang up the weights for now, but the weight room will be back and should be better than ever next fall.

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